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    Pads4Girls Distribution in Ethiopia

    There is no tool for development more effective than the education of girls. No other
    policy is as likely to raise economic productivity, lower infant and maternal mortality,
    improve nutrition and promote health, including the prevention of HIV/Aids. 

    Koffi Annan, Former UN Secretary General


    Pads4Girls is a social impact project of Lunapads. Our mission is to support better access to education for girls in developing nations, by providing sustainable, affordable menstrual care products for girls in need, as well as improving menstruation awareness.

    Since 2000, Lunapads has been providing girls and women in developing nations with cloth pads and underwear so that they can attend school or work during their period. 

    We first learned of the issue when we were contacted by Zimbabwean/Canadian activist Isabella Wright. She informed us that girls and women, in many areas, had little or nothing to help them manage their menses. In many communities, disposable menstrual products are impossibly expensive. As a result they were missing school or work rather than risking discomfort or ridicule.

    Lack of access to menstrual products effects millions of girls in the developing world. As many as 10% of school aged girls miss school because of it. The effect of these missed days is devastating, with girls missing up to 20% of their education, thereby increasing the likelihood of dropping out, earlier marriage and pregnancy as well as limiting career options.

    The solution is simple; provide school girls with washable menstrual pads and underwear that will last them for years. Providing reusable products means the burden of purchasing products each month is removed and the environmental devastation that thousands of disposable pads would have on the landscape is alleviated.

    The case for girl's education is well documented as one of the most important tools for development. We believe that no one should have to miss out on opportunities that will affect their future, simply because they have a period.

    Donate to Pads4Girls


    One4Her: Pads for Girls, Jobs for Women

    For every eligible purchase, Lunapads will provide a girl in need with a Ugandan-made AFRIpad to support her education.

    One4Her is a Lunapads/AFRIpads partnership project. Many of you will already be familiar with BOGO (buy one, give one) programs popularized by TOMS shoes, where a consumer purchase triggers the donation of a comparable item in the developing world. One4Her takes the model a step further by not only supplying girls in need with pads, but also by supporting local employment for women.

    Which products trigger a One4Her donation?
    Pad & Insert Sets, Pantyliners, DivaCup Kits, and Lunapads Kits.

    Which products are excluded from the program?
    Lunapanties, Insert Sets, Pantyliner Samples, The DivaCup, and Extras are not included at this time.

    Does One4Her include the DivaCup?
    Individual DivaCups are not part of One4Her, however DivaCup Kits are. For each DivaCup Kit purchased, we will donate 1 AFRIpad.

    Who will administer the pad donations?
    Pad donations will be managed by AFRIpads and distributed according to regions and schools where they assess the greatest need.

    Where are the One4Her program pads made?
    One4Her program pads are AFRIpads, made in Kitengesa Village, Uganda.

    Don't girls need more than one AFRIpad to get through their entire cycle?
    Yes. AFRIpads will accumulate our donations to include enough units (pads) to create a full pad kit.

    Already a well-stocked Lunapads customer who wants to help?
    Tell your friends and help us spread the word about the work that we are doing to support education for girls and employment for women. Thank you!

    Shop to Support One4Her


    In-kind Donations by Lunapads

    Learn about our One4Her program above. Additionally, we regularly donate our time and business expertise to groups seeking to support the development of pad-making business ventures. To this end we “donate” proprietary trade information and provide ongoing mentorship to groups including AFRIpads.


    Since its inception, in partnership with dozens of groups, individuals and NGOs, Lunapads has helped provide 100,000 girls and women in 15 nations with menstrual pads or underwear, giving them an immediate, essential and sustainable means to remain in school or at work.

    To read about the impact Pads4Girls has had please visit our blog.

    Distribution Groups

    Pads4Girls has partnered with many different groups over the years to bring washable cloth pads to girls and women in the developing world, including:


    Other Groups and Resources


    More On the Issue