Meet Charlene (alumnus)

As most stories start:
I was born and raised in North Vancouver, and with a few very short exceptions have lived in Vancouver all my life.

I’m a “directionless” student, much to the chagrin of my Academic Advisor, and have spent the past two years taking a slew of courses (everything from Sociology and Religions Studies, to Human Geography.. even Business!) and have savored every minute of it.  If I could get away with it, I’d probably just stay in University until it’s time to retire.

I live in a little house with a little garden and the perfect baby and husband.  My life outside of work/school is focused on raising my daughter, gardening, reading, and learning to sew.

I love horror movies, good old fashioned rock &roll, cupcakes.. and long walks on the beach (I’m joking..).

I’m stoked to be interning with Lunapads for the summer, and appreciate Stitsma’s help with making it happen.

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