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Hey Lunagals everywhere, here is my intro to the blogosphere. It’s exciting, as I’ve often fantasized about blogging  so that I could share with others the story about the birth of  my boys and my personal journeys.  Plus, I really enjoy reading a few friends’ blogs as well as lurking in the local motheringdotcommune discussion boards. But, I never got around to creating my own blog. So, Lunapads’ foray into the world wide blog is my chance! And it’s been really fun learning how to use the blogging tools and writing stories and comments on what is going on in my mind.

I was born and raised in Victoria BC by immigrant parents from China who moved to Canada looking for a better life.  I moved to Vancouver in the early 80′s to attend university and get a business degree and become a Chartered Accountant…

I entered the traditional workforce and spent several years at a big accounting firm and then moved on to a job as Controller for a mid sized public company. Realizing there was way more to life than finance, excel spreadsheets, making my bosses and shareholders lots of money, and being stressed out with constant deadlines, the divine goddess decided I should meet Madeleine. Since then, I’ve become a proud feminist, crunchy attachment parenting mom to two amazing boys (Aiden, 6 and Garret, 2) discovered organic food, joined the board of a local environmental organization and am a regular mentor to other women entrepreneurs.  I enjoy running/hiking in my lovely community of Deep Cove and Chinese water brush painting.  Today, my ‘so called stress’ is about balancing work and family: deciding whether to work from home, go to the office, or play with my boys. I’m grateful for the support of my amazing partner, Craig, who puts up with my crazy schedule.

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  • John Lane

    Hi Suzanne,
    A great beginning! It was a pleasure to have both met you and visited ‘Luna Pads’ when we were in the city several weeks ago. I truly believe you will continue to grow and your success to multiple quantumly.
    Continued good fortune to you all,

  • Shelagh

    Hi Suzanne and Madeleine
    Great to see the Bolg. I visit the site regularly to keep up with you, your families and Lunapads. Great work!

  • Heather

    Hi Suzanne..welcome to blogland! Sorry I missed you and Madeleine back in February, but we hope to be back there again soon! As much as we enjoyed Vancouver on our brief, brief trip, I have to say that I really felt a strong connection to Victoria, and the threads that were sewn then are tugging hard at my heart to get us back there, more permanently. :)

  • Kellie

    Dear Suzanne,
    My name is Kellie and I am a member at a message board called We are attempting to begin some lively conversations about home births and we would be delighted if you could join us to start some new topics or join in on the ones we currently have. Please find us at and add to our conversation!

    Thank you for your time,

  • Christie


    I am coming to visit the lovely Luna Ladies. I can hardly wait to share your energy up close.

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