Meet the Team: Lisa


Well, hello there! Lisa here; resident web wizard, graphic designer, and office dj. I arrived on Lunapads’ doorstep in 2006 when I was hired to help out with order packing and shipping while a staff member was away for the summer. Since then, I’ve dabbled in just about every job there is here. These days, I focus most of my attention on managing our website & blog, using social media, and designing print and online marketing materials & campaigns.

I was born an only child in Quebec and raised in a rapidly sprawling bedroom community of southern Ontario. There, I spent my young days merrily climbing my home town’s garbage mountain, swimming its fake lakes, aimlessly wandering its many strip mall parking lots, and creating my own fantastic dream world out of the so-called tedium that surrounded me.

My first introduction to period positivity came thru my association with riot grrrl as a teenager. I learned about menstrual activism, diy gynecological care, reproductive justice issues (& more) in the zines my penpals sent me, and was totally inspired. Friends in other cities encouraged me to seek out other feminists to start a riot grrrl chapter with, and that’s what I did. We included a simple, diy cloth pad pattern in one of our collaborative zines, and told anyone who would listen about the merits of a menstrual cup. 15 years later, here I am at Lunapads.

I care about: queer art & liberation, femme magic, social justice, trans inclusion, intersectional feminism, fat activism, hip hop, outsider art, cat whispering, rainy days & thunderstorms, abandoned places, secret hideouts, gardening, cooking, photography, graphic design, folklore, friuli, fluffy clouds, birds & wolves, learning something new every day, and reveling in the wit, sass & sarcasm of those I hold near & dear.

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