Hitting the Mothering Lode

Since meeting one another, Madeleine and I have shared many special moments both personally and professionally.  The summer of 2002, for example, was amazing:  Madeleine got married and I gave birth to my first son, Aiden.  Buying our own office space in 2007 was another important business milestone.  This past week saw another major highlight:  spending time with Peggy O’Mara, publisher and editor of Mothering Magazine, and hosting a fundraising tea party in support of Pads4Girls with her as the guest of honor.

As Madeleine referenced in an earlier post, we bumped into Peggy last month at a trade show.  Knowing she was coming to Vancouver for the Healthy Families Conference, we invited her for tea at Lunapads.  As we planned the event, we also learned Peggy had no particular plans while visiting Vancouver, so Madeleine and I took it upon ourselves to be her host and show her our beautiful city.  After picking her up at the airport, we headed to Tojo’s, one of Vancouver’s most creative sushi restaurants (Peggy lived in Japan for several years in her teens) and, over a delightful west coast meal, we chatted about being moms and entrepreneurs. What immediately struck me was that despite her celebrity status (in my eyes, anyway!) Peggy is just like us: a devoted mother and mission-based entrepreneur with whom we share similar goals and business challenges.

The next day, we transformed our bustling office into a open meeting space.  Held as a fundraiser for our Pads4Girls program, 30 women, mostly mompreneurs in the birthing or baby industry, gathered to hear Peggy speak.  Madeleine and I savored the incredible energy that built up as each woman arrived.  We listened to Peggy talk about her career’s humble beginnings on her farm in New Mexico, raising four young children, and how she purchased and grew Mothering magazine to where it is today.  If you want to read more about Peggy’s story (and other inspiring passages) I highly recommend you refer to the Mothering site here for archives of Peggy’s editorials.

But Peggy didn’t just talk to us.  She wanted to hear what we had to say and how we as business owners were weathering the economic downturn. Energized by the audience, she facilitated an impromptu working session where we asked questions and shared ideas. Someone asked: when is the next big feminist revolution going to happen?  is it happening now?  if not now, when? Peggy’s reply was “the movement starts here in this room, a gathering of women just like yourselves”.  Lisa Hartley, photographer, claimed “I love this and want to capture this image that Peggy speaks about.”  So here we are!  To view more images from the tea party, join our Facebook Group or Fan Page (photos will be posted soon!).

We carried on, sipping our tea and indulging in some delicious vegan treats from local raw food caterer Fruitcakes.  As the guests left, many of us embraced each other, with words of gratitude and reverence for the positive space we hold and the work we do for our community.  Our special thanks go to our good friend Nikiah Seeds of Mama Goddess Birth Shop for her help in organizing the event, and for all the businesses who contributed coupons and treats in the Goody Bags (listed below).  And thank you to everyone who attended and made a donation; your presence was deeply appreciated.

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  • Dear Madeleine & Suzanne,
    Thank you so much for this event. I walked away inspired and energized by Peggy, by our fabulous group of mom entrepreneurs in Vancouver and by you for pulling together such a meaningful event for us and for the women benefiting from Pads4Girls. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  • Thank you so much for organising this, I had a fantastic time!

  • What an inspiration! Not only Peggy, but also you two, Madeline & Suzanne, and all the wonderful, dynamic, intelligent, warm and wonderful women who made this day so special.

    Thank you.

  • Well done Suzanne, you really captured the flavour of the day.
    It really was memorable and inspiring.
    Thanks for putting it all together