AppleCheeks Cloth Diaper Giveaway

What’s so great about cloth? Here’s what Amy at AppleCheeks has to say!

Are cloth diapers really better than throwaways? They sure are! In case you’re still holding onto old stats sputtered out by Proctor and Gamble a million years ago, here’s the skinny on your diapering options:

No matter how you spin it, cloth diapers is the better option. Did you know that tens of millions of so-called disposable diapers are thrown away EVERY DAY in North America? And, hey, in case you wonder why we call those Pooh inspired plastic bombshells “throwaways”, it is because the word disposable is, in fact, a misnomer.

We may “throw it away” but it does not magically get disposed of.  It sits in our tidy bins, finds its way to the larger garbage bin that some hardworking person has the good fortune to dump into a huge, gas-guzzling, super-compacting truck where said item journeys to a humungous landfill to sit for anywhere from a few decades to, much more commonly, a few centuries.

Besides, the modern cloth diaper is super cute on your Super Cute One’s tush. If you aren’t sure, check out to see some pretty adorable babies in fabulous, modern cloth diapers. Happy diapering!

Like Amy, we also believe that choosing to cloth diaper your baby has many benefits. Cloth diapers help you reduce waste, save money, are soft and gentle on tender skin, and available in a variety of colours and patterns. Sound familiar? It should! Parents typically cloth diaper their children for the same reasons people choose washable cloth menstrual pads over their throwaway counterparts.  This is why teaming up with our friends at AppleCheeks to offer you this giveaway just felt natural; we’re all fans of cloth!

AppleCheeks cloth diapers and accessories are cute-as-a-button and proudly manufactured in Montreal, Canada. Their 2-size diapering system is designed to fit babies of many sizes (approximately 7lbs – 40lbs) and are are fully customizable, featuring a unique envelope design and a variety of boosters and inserts. Check out these 2 infographics showing the cost and environmental benefits of cloth diapers vs. disposables.

Great strides have been made to bring about awareness of the benefits of cloth through events like the Great Cloth Diaper Change, which we are proudly sponsoring this year! Cloth diapering moms have been some of our most devoted customers here at Lunapads, and we thought this would be a fun way to give back.

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  • Tiffany Morgan

    Love saving money (as long as I don’t go crazy buying all the super cute stuff)!

  • Theresa

    Initially started because I had 3 kids in diapers but I fell in love with cloth for so many other reasons once I started.

  • Aecooper05

    I cloth my son to save money

  • Rachael H.

    I started cloth diapers with our first to save money. Now with three in diapers and all the cute diapers and PUL fabric I’m addicted! LOL

  • Elyseswann

    I chose cloth for the savings, they are cute, and because of the enormous amount of disposables thrown away each day.

  • Main reason was financial and I do like the fact that I won’t be adding to the landfills!

  • Kristal S.

    We are just starting out with or journey of cloth diapering and I wanted to try them because they are cute, better for the Earth, and better for my bank account.

  • Stephanie

    I chose cloth to save money, but love the cuteness and that it helps the environment! 

  • Hayley Mucha

    i chose cloth intially to save money but i really like it! i am trying to do less harm to the environment and better for my babies bum!

  • Andrea K.

    I am choosing cloth because it will save us money and be healthier for my little one. 

  • Sara Reyes

    they are rash free, 100% better for baby and the earth, they save us money and they are super dupper CUTE!

  • heather

    We dont have kids YET, but we will definetly be cloth diapering and I’m starting my stash early so it doesnt cost so much when it happens 🙂

  • The cost, environment, and they are so much cuter

  • allie

    i chose cloth for my baby initially for the cost savings but now for the health benefits–no sitting in chlorinated diapers for our daughters! 

  • I choose cloth b/c it is super cute and way better for my baby.

  • Tillpj

    I love cloth diapers because they have saved me tons of money and of course I love my fluffy babies bum!

  • Genevieve

    I Dragged my feet on cloth diapering for years, but I wanted to do it for the environment – I just hate throwing things away, and my daughter was unreliably starting to potty train. What do you do with a barefoot used disposable, put it back on or toss it? Not worries with cloth! But now I’m having another baby and looking forward to using cloth from the beginning!

  • Abby M

    I chose cloth initially to save money, I am also really glad that it is better for the environment and cuts back on the chemicals my daughter is exposed to.

  • Amanda

    I will be using cloth on my baby when he or she is born because it is cheaper than disposable and I want my family to do our part to be green!

  • I chose cloth, because it is so much better for Baby.  After I found out that disposables are full of chemicals I was sold.

  • I chose cloth for my baby to save money and because I think it is healthier.  I am considering cloth for myself for the same reasons.