Name These Fabrics and You Could Win!

Name this New Lunapads Fabric and you could Winclick to enlarge

Name this New Lunapads Fabric and you could Winclick to enlarge

Fun, colourful fabrics are one of the best parts of using Lunapads. Using something beautiful instead of something bleak and boring makes having your period more tolerable. Who doesn’t get a kick out of choosing Lunapads to suit their mood…or outfit! Everyone has their favourite print. That’s why we get so excited when we get new fabrics in at Lunapads.

It just so happens that 2 new fabrics have recently arrived at our factory. Before we can put them up on the website, we need your help in giving them catchy names. Suggest a name in the comments below; if your name suggestion is chosen, not only will the name live on in infamy on our website, you’ll also win a Sampler Pack in the fabric that you’ve named! You can enter as many times as you like. Keep in mind that we like descriptive names, ones that include a colour…and we’re always suckers for alliteration! The first fabric will be paired with black fleece, and the second with bubblegum pink. Be sure to tell your friends about the contest on Twitter and Facebook, too. A free Sampler pack is a great way for a cloth pad newbie to get off the fence and on their way to more eco-positive periods.

This contest is now closed.

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  • Tough Tuskies and Funky Flowerettes

  • Ck

    Twinkling flowerworks!

  • mamma.m

    1. floral burst; funky flower; razzle dazzle
    2. circus elephants; Mrs. Jumbo’s parade

  • 1.Pussy POW-er. 
    1.Flower POW-er.
    1.Booming Blossoms
    1.Fanciful Florets

    2.Elephants Gerald. 
    2.Peculiar Purple Pachyderms
    2.Electrifying Elephants
    2.Elegant Elephants
    2.Elevating Elephants

  • Janice F

    For the first one: Carnival Lights, Dandelion Bursts, Flower Fireworks
    For the second one: Purple ‘Phants, Twisty Tails, Ele-Phants









  • Lindsey A Ison

    For the first one.Mendhi Magic

    For the second…Lunaphant Parade?

  • Hannah

    Disco Dot

  • Adrienne A-M.

    For #1: Queen of Cyan, Blue Dahlia, Chrysanthemum Blue, Cyanthemum (the middle two Dahlia and Chrysanthemum are also firework patterns as well as flower types, this pattern reminded me of both)
    For #2: African Violet

  • El Loves Thursday

    For the first one, dotty dreaming-it looks a little like an Aboriginal dot painting..

  • Jules

    Lucky Trunks?

  • Rustmoththieves

    1. Fancy Flowers
    2. Elefuntrunks

  • Cristen

    1. Aqua Dots
    2.  Elephant in the Room

  • Sarah


    And that’s all I got (for now, anyway)

    • Sarah

      The first one could also be aquafleur

  • Journeekapri

    1. Fantastic FIreworks
    2. Elegant Elephants

    1. Bursting Blooms
    2. Lucky Elephants

  • Kate

    Hmm. This is perhaps not so helpful, but I think the swirly circles by the elephants look a lot like church windows, so I’m going to have to go with Elephant Cathedral.  Or perhaps Elephant Eglise?

    As I said, not helpful. I’d go with Teal Trip for the other one.

  • Jenn

    Perhaps Psychedelic Buds, or Flowering Spots

  • Jenna Wukasch

    1. Daisy Delight
    2. Moon Mystic Mamas (…since there are so many myths about elephants worshiping the moon, and they are matriarchal in social organization

  • Jan

    Teal Floral Transformation and Elephant If I Know

  • Theresea

    1. hippy flower explosion
    2. the lucky lady walks