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If you are looking for zero toxin, hospital recommended organic and natural herbal products and USDA Certified 100% Organic teas for yourself and your baby, look no further! Earth Mama Angel Baby offers safe, organic products that work naturally. What I am super excited about right now is their Monthly Comfort Tea which I got hooked on at  the ABC Kids Expo last fall.

I was suffering from menopause “flufflehead”, not feeling myself and at a trade show – you really want to be in tip top shape! So Tracey from Earth Mama Angel Baby gave me some of their Monthly Comfort Tea. It worked and fast! I have been using it ever since. There are rave reviews for its powers to ease monthly discomfort and I can tell you it sure helped my menopause symptoms. This USDA Certified 100% Organic and Certified Kosher blend was created to jump-start recovery immediately after childbirth, and for “that time of the month” when hormones are raging and your uterus and you could use some extra care!

Formulated with a delicious combination of nutrient rich, 100% organic herbs, Organic Monthly Comfort Tea blends astringent Lady’s Mantle with balancing Lemon Balm, mineral rich Nettles and Alfalfa, and rejuvenating Ginger to help ease cramping. Organic Monthly Comfort Tea is great for menstruators, perimenopausal peeps, as well as recuperating postpartum mamas. Not for use during pregnancy. Safe to use while breastfeeding.

After almost a year of “suggesting” we get it (some may call it persistent pestering), I am super pleased to announce Lunapads now has Earth Mama Angel Baby Monthly Comfort Tea available for our Canadian customers! (US customers can find Earth Mama Angel Baby products through their store finder)

At the Natural Products Expo West, Suzanne and I had the honor to sit down with Mama Melinda – owner/creatrice of Earth Mama Angel Baby and chat about her products. Mama Melinda sent me home with some Earth Mama Angel Baby Monthly Comfort Tea for a giveaway. Enter below!

Win 1 of 3 boxes of Organic Monthly Comfort Tea
This contest is now closed.
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  • Maryross

    I would live to try this tea – sounds awesome, and I totally love Earth Mama, Angel Baby.

  • Dark chocolate.  A soda.  Chocolate Cream Oreos and milk. A hot bath.   I get really bad cramps that OTC pain medicine doesn’t help.  So I have to use a combo of many things for cramps. 

  • Nancy

     I put an electric, hot pillow on my tummy area.

  • I’m going to blame it on the toddler distraction, but I entered before realizing that it’s for Canadians only… apologies 🙁 EMAB is amazing though!

  • Jodibrown1432


  • Pathoftheblood

    I get the feeling this would be very popular at my house 

  • Amanda Mitchell

    chocolate 🙂

  • I am definitely a chocolate girl!! 

  • A couple of pieces of dark chocolate & green tea

  • Jenna Wukasch

    Microwaveable bean bag heating pad, and “read my lips” from David’s tea – it has chocolate in it! AND a good snuggle with my kitty.

  • Rachael

    Chocolate and heat bag!

  • kristin

     bubble baths!

  • Camille Desrochers

    Dark chocolate, tea, and my health pack heating pack 🙂

  • Senorita_girl200

    Love you guys I need to order more potion stat!!

  • Magic Bag, and snacks!

  • latanya

    anything chocolate

  • Tennille Richard

    Long hot showers!

  • Danielle

    Chocolate and a hot bath 🙂

  • Kathlyne Brown

    My biggest comfort is my cherry pillow (a pillow full of cherry pits) that I heat up and hold against my belly.

  • Heather


  • Mara

    A steaming cup of Chai tea and of coarse organic dark chocolate!

  • Simone M

    My biggest comfort is the shower and a heat bag 🙂

  • Big fan of masala tea with lots of milk and sugar!

  • Brenda B.

    Tea is my favorite drink! Thanks for the info!

  • A big burger loaded with cheese and lots of veggies.  Preferably a Cheeseburger All the Way at Five Guys.

  • Tara E


  • Adica_Arethusa

    Dark chocolate and yummy tea with scones or shortbread. 😀

  • Jamie Li

    Dark Hot Chocolate

  • A hot bath and cup of tea.

  • nicki

    I am entering this for a good friend who has a difficult menstrual cycle.  She tries everything and is still in debilitating pain.  This is for the Earth Mama in my life.

  • Jan B

    I can’t get enough tea and chocolate.

  • Some dark chocolate, and as much tea as I can drink!

  • Linnea

    Hot bath, tea and Junior Mints!