Join the LunaRevolution!

We are thrilled to bring you one of our most longstanding and cherished projects: the LunaRevolution video!

Many of you will remember the LunaRevolution video contest, where customer submitted their videos about their personal journeys with “making the switch” from disposables to Lunapads, Lunapanties and the DivaCup. There was something great about each and every one of them, however we had to choose 3 Winners, which we did: here they are again!

We felt so inspired by everyone’s stories that we decided to make a compilation video that told the story of the contest and showcased what we felt were some of the best moments. Thank you Tracy Moenby for your patient and thoughtful work: it’s finally done, enjoy!

Share the Luna Revolution Video & Win!
Use the handy dandy buttons above to share our video with your favourite social network, and then leave a comment below telling us where you posted to be entered to win a $50 Lunapads gift certificate. Please be sure to include a link to when you share, so folks can visit our website to learn more. Thank you for helping to spread the LunaRevolution by letting others know that they have options – we absolutely couldn’t do it without you!

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  • Jenn Trumbo

    Shared on Pinterest, Google+, and Facebook :) Thanks! I love your products!!

  • lace
  • Erin Branscome

    I shared on facebook, with a big personal advertisment, as well.  I love my lunapads!! 

  • Madeleine

    Thanks everyone! Sharing the video as well as your own LunaRevolution stories is the greatest possible compliment you can pay us. We’re so grateful for your support!

  • Journeekapri

    I shared on facebook (journeekapri) and twitter (journeekapri)

  • Octavia Warriner

    I shared on Facebook, and Twitter

  • Ecrsnyder

    I posted the video to my facebook page! (and told all my real life friends too)

  • Silverymoon85

    I shared on facebook. :0)

  • Lunardreamer18

    I just posted this video to my Facebook page. I will also cross post to the “mama cloth” board on I’m loving the sustainability and non plasticky periods! Who knew you could love your period? Lunapads did. Period!

  • Cristen
  • Christine at Mama Papa Barn

    shared on my wall

    tubbytelly at gmail dot com

  • Christine at Mama Papa Barn


    tubbytelly at gmail dot com

  • Rachel Garon

    Can we get an entry every time we tweet (ie. daily)?

  • Tara E
  • Ivory C.
  • Rachel Benoit
  • Rachel Garon

    I hope it’s okay… I tweeted again (on a different day) 

  • Morgan Worsfold

    Pinned on Pinterest: through my Facebook account (so it’ll show up there too!)

  • Rachael

    Shared on Facebook! :D
    all4moonlight “at” hotmail “dot” com

  • Tracy

    Yelled it over the mountain… Via Facebook and twitter! :)