Moonblood magic

A couple of nights ago, on the eve of a Red Tent-themed gathering at the Lunapads office, I felt inspired to do something I haven’t done in years: use my menses in a personal ritual.

Over the years that I’ve been using Lunapads, I have on occasion taken soaking water from my pads and used it to water plants. They seemed to like it, and all was well.

A couple of years ago I was at Hollyhock and felt inspired (it’s the right place for that sort of thing!) to get a little more intentional by using my DivaCup to collect my flow then going on a walking meditation to visit a very large tree, digging a small depression at the base of it and then depositing my flow as an offering of thanks and expression of sisterhood: it felt great.

I hadn’t felt called to do anything of the sort since, until the other night. On a recent holiday to my “happy place” I received the gift of some new ideas and inspiration about stretching my creative horizons. I also happened to collect some seeds from a plant I hadn’t seen before and tucked them in my pocket with a plan to plant them in my garden at home and see who showed up.

I had the house all to myself (a highly unusual event!) and poured myself a lovely bath. While in the bath I was pondering the upcoming event and remembered that I needed to empty my DivaCup: voila, inspiration to use my blood for some form of offering! Following the bath I emptied my DivaCup into a small vase and diluted it with some water, put on my favorite turquoise silk pajamas, picked up my new seeds and headed to the garden.

My garden is the closest thing I have to a temple (as of last night, I am also thinking of the Lunapads office as a temple!) and is where I feel most inspired and at peace. I gathered a beautiful new turquoise pot, as well as some shells (again, from my happy place), which we have in great abundance. I placed some soil and the seeds in the pot, and watered them with my menses-potion, asking in my heart for whatever new ideas or projects that were waiting in the wings to come forth gently and beautifully. I added a large moon shell (of course!) and surrounded it with 13 oyster shell shards (I am obsessed with these, another story altogether) as a symbol of the 13 lunar months in a year as well as a reminder to the seeds of where they came from, and that was basically that.

What will grow on any level as a result of this, I have no idea. It just felt special to me, a small honoring of the connection I share with the Earth, nourishment, creativity and endless cycles of death and rebirth.

Have you ever done anything like this, and if so, what did it look like and what did it mean to you?


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  • While I personally have not, one of my soul sisters swears by this spiritual act. I look forward to reading a followup on your offering!