#PeriodTalk is Having a Moment

We’ve been participating in monthly “Period Talk” twitter parties, hosted by BePreparedPeriod.com and YouAreLoved.org for some time now. The #PeriodTalk tweet chat, which happens on the 2nd Friday of each month, spreads awareness on various topics related to menstruation with a wide array of participants including healthcare professionals, activists, bloggers, brand representatives and other interested individuals. It’s a great place to get answers to all your period questions and share stories. It’s all about breaking taboos and giving people a non-judgmental venue to talk periods.

Each month has a new theme and guest host who leads a Q&A with around 50 participants or so. It’s always friendly, positive and informative….and largely unnoticed by the wider twittersphere. That is until today! Today #PeriodTalk had it’s big moment when it reached trending topic status worldwide. A pretty big accomplishment for a bunch of folks chatting about a topic which is usually so “hush-hush”. Of course the taboo-nature of the topic brought the trolls out of the woodwork and some pretty nasty things were said by a few crass individuals. Participants in #PeriodTalk were admonished for talking openly about something, which was in their opinion, not appropriate for the internet….seriously? Not appropriate for the internet? Have these people *seen* the internet?

I digress.

Clearly there is still a great need for taboo-smashing when it comes to menstruation (thanks for making that so very clear, internet trolls!) and even more spaces for open period talk to happen. Luckily, bepreparedperiod.com has just launched a new community forum for just such talk. PeriodTalk the forum, is just like Yahoo answers, but for periods! Anyone can sign up and ask a question and get answers from other community users.

We encourage you to check out PeriodTalk and answer a few questions. There are already a few asks from folks who need your help with Lunapads and The DivaCup. Quick! To the Cramp-mobile, Lunafans!

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