Meet Anika

My name is Anika and I have been the production manager here at Lunapads for over three months now. I work alongside a wonderful team of women where I oversee production and help to develop new products. I am happy to be working for a company that does such an amazing job celebrating women and their bodies.

I have always felt proud to be having periods and I think it has something to do with my first experiences with menstruation. When I was growing up my mom and her friends would have what they would call “women’s meetings” where they would get together to do tarot card readings and talk about relationships. Usually during these meet-ups I played nearby with the other children. Once in a while though, when one of us kids started to menstruate a huge party would be held to celebrate. There would be food, music and lots of laughing.

A procession would take place to the bathroom where the newly menstruating young woman would be found in a candle lit bathroom lounging in a claw foot bath tub piled high with fresh lavender. Afterward she would join the rest of us, wrapped in terrycloth towels. Everyone would then take turns telling the story of their first period. I remember aching to get mine so I could be a part of this mysterious group called “women.” I wanted to have a story to tell too! When I finally did get my period (I was a late bloomer) my mother had moved on from the women’s meetings. Still, something from those times stayed with me. Because of those parties, I have always felt my period to be a privilege and a source of comfort. I feel very similarly about working here at Lunapads. It’s a great place to be.

When I am not ordering pretty patterned period fabric or checking in with the Lunapads factory, I can be found green juicing, working on some sort of creative project, curled up with a book, practicing yoga, or surfing with my boyfriend in Tofino.

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