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LunaCircle with Dr. Thara Vayali, ND

Monday, January 20th, 2014 by Lunapads Team


Trying to have a baby?
Close to Menopause?
PMS? Hair loss? Fatigue?
Extended, heavy periods or none at all?
Come learn how a poorly functioning Thyroid can contribute to these conditions and learn how to get it back on track!
Join us for an evening of inspiration and empowerment with special guest Dr. Thara Vayali, ND, Naturopath and Yoga Teacher. She is the creator of Change: Natural Medicine; budget-conscious, membership-based natural medical care.

Come learn about the butterflies in your neck and the lumps in your throats, literally! We will be learning about and discussing the thyroid gland: what it does and how to notice when it’s not working optimally. Dr. Thara will be giving us 5 take home ideas on how to support your thyroid function.

Learn about how thyroid function affects each stage of your reproductive health.

Discover foods that help & harm thyroid function.

Be guided safely into thyroid balancing Yoga Asanas

When: Thursday, January 30th
Time: 7PM (join us at 6:30 for snacks and socializing!)
Where: Lunapads International, 3433 Commercial Street Vancouver BC (map)

What to bring: A yoga mat & comfortable clothes.

LunaCircles are free events sponsored by Lunapads that create a safe space for conversation and exploration of how we connect with our fertility cycles. Please RSVP to the Facebook Event Page and share the event with your friends!

Top 10 Lunapads Highlights of 2013

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013 by Madeleine

Lunapads 2013 Highlights

As we look forward to 2014, we thought we’d take a moment to reflect on 10 things that rocked the Lunaverse in 2013.

1. Lunapads turned 20! I was thrilled, inspired and amazed to look back at 20 years of social entrepreneurship.

2. One Billion Rising. On February 14th, Lunapads co-led the Vancouver One Billion Rising event. It was an exuberant, beautiful and powerful expression of resistance against violence against women and girls globally.

3. More Underwear! We launched a slew of new Lunapanties styles, and added Dear Kate and PACT underwear to our growing collection of performance and eco-friendly underwear. Stay tuned for more additions in 2014!


LunaCircle: Not your Mama’s birth control

Thursday, October 31st, 2013 by Madeleine


Join us for an evening of inspiration and empowerment with special guest Dr. Giselle Lefebvre, naturopathic doctor with a mission to Get Big Pharma Outta Our Bedrooms! She has been in practice for 10 years focusing on women’s health and works with the team at the Sinclair Wellness Center in downtown Vancouver.

Come learn about how hormones affect our bodies, understand what your cycle is really telling you, learn about new forms of birth control and choose the right methods for your needs. Bring questions and leave with healthy solutions!

When: Thursday November 14th
Time: 7PM (join us at 6:30 for snacks and socializing!)
Where: Lunapads International, 3433 Commercial Street Vancouver BC (map)

Please RSVP to the Facebook Event Page and share the event with your friends!

LunaCircles are free events sponsored by Lunapads that create a safe space for conversation and exploration of how we connect with our fertility cycles.

10 reflections on Lunapads at 20

Friday, October 25th, 2013 by Madeleine


October 25, 1993 is technically the date when Lunapads started, since I was making them, along with Lunapanties, wedding dresses, purses, bedding, and a ton of other things when I started my first company, everyware designs.

I will never forget opening the letter from the Ministry of Small Business with the date-stamped response to my application: little did I realize that it was just the beginning of a career that would span decades. I am often asked for my story and tips based on what I’ve learned in 20 years as an entrepreneur; here are a few highlights.

Reflection #1: If you have a business idea, don’t just dream, start. It doesn’t have to be perfect to get the cosmic ball rolling.

Identity is a funny thing, and while I had until then known myself as a student, artist and social change leader, becoming a licensed, tax registered, 100% legit entrepreneur brought with it a whole other mantle of pride and responsibility.

#2: So often I hear the adjective “small” in front of “business owner”. Let’s do this together: no more “small”, no more “something-preneur”; entrepreneur (from the French: to undertake) is a big, long, crazy word that is as fabulous and complex as it sounds: own it.

For all the glam of starting a business, I soon realized that I had gotten a little bit ahead of myself in terms of actual know-how, and so enrolled in an entrepreneurial training program to write a formal business plan for Lunapads. Much to my surprise, I received an award for it. 


Nourish Organic Skincare Giveaway!

Friday, October 11th, 2013 by Morgan

We all know that using natural menstrual products like Lunapads, Lunapanties and the DivaCup is better for the very sensitive skin of your vulva and it helps reduce your chemical exposure too! But what about the skin on the rest of your body?


Introducing the world’s first USDA-certified organic skincare collection; Nourish Organic! We’re excited to offer this great line of products to our customers starting this month. Made in the US, Nourish says that “In addition to being completely natural and organic, our products are also cruelty-free, gluten-free, and mostly vegan.” The Nourish line is completely free from synthetic chemicals and preservatives, right down to it’s fragrances which are derived from pure essential oils and extracts, and do they ever smell good!

Right now we’re offering Nourish Body Wash, Lotion and Body Butter in three scent options: Almond Vanilla, Fresh Fig, and Lavender Mint. So far Almond Vanilla is my fave, it smells so good I want to eat it…and I probably could! Which scent are you looking forward to trying? Comment below (or on our Facebook Page) and you could win a bottle of Body Lotion in Almond Vanilla, Fresh Fig or Lavender Mint! This giveaway has now ended. Thanks, everyone!


Red Tent magic with Isadora Leidenfrost

Thursday, September 26th, 2013 by Madeleine


I am still blissing out on the love, creativity, leadership and sisterhood that were celebrated at our beautiful office last night.

We have been talking to filmmaker Dr. Isadora Leidenfrost for several years about her incredible documentary film Things we don’t talk about: women’s stories from inside the Red Tent (Lunapads is a proud supporter!)

For those of you not familiar with the Red Tent movement, it is a social change movement inspired by the novel The Red Tent by Anita Diamant that involves women gathering in luxurious womblike environments to share stories and celebrate the divine feminine.

We have hosted a couple of these types of gatherings before (once with Conscious Divas, and the other a book launch for Moon Mysteries), transforming our work space into a scarlet oasis with the help of glittering saris, carpets, pillows and loads of delicious food and tea. We are incredibly fortunate to have in our circle local spiritual leaders including Nikiah Seeds, Andreia St. Jules and Jasmin Starchild, who attended along with many of their respective sister-followers: in this case, Nikiah was our co-organizer and led the evening’s proceedings.


Living Extraordinary with Conscious Divas

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013 by Madeleine

Suzanne and I are unabashed in our affection for the fabulous Kate Muker and her inspiring business, Conscious Divas, and incredibly proud of our partnership.

Here’s a fun video of us speaking at last year’s version of her Living Extraordinary LIVE! event. It’s wonderful how many speaking/storytelling events have cropped up in recent years. We have had the good fortune to participate in TEDx and Pecha Kucha Night, as well as to be inspired by countless peers doing the same.

Speaking of which, we can’t wait to see some of our favourite entrepreneurs and changemakers take the stage this year, including Tantra Goddess Devi Ward, eco-fabulous fashion designer Nicole Bridger, self-made Sales guru Belynda Lee and one of my longest-time sister entrepreneurs, Aromatherapy tycoon Deborah Drummond-Backer.

The 48 hour ticket sale starts tomorrow: September 13 & 14 – just $30 each! Hope to see you there!

LunaCircle with Alex Mazerolle July 2nd

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013 by Sara K.


Join us for an evening of inspiration and empowerment with special guest Alex Mazerolle, the founder of Girlvana Yoga. Girlvana is an initiative that supports teen girls through yoga, meditation and healthy eating.

Here’s what Alex has to say about Madeleine and Suzanne: “I lovingly refer to the ladies of Lunapads as ‘Mama Goddesses,’ paving the way for us younger generation of entrepreneurs who also care deeply about out world. I am blessed to have their support with my company Girlvana Yoga so that I can continue to educate and empower young girls.”

When: Tuesday July 2
Time: 7pm (join us at 6:30 for snacks and socializing!)
Where: Lunapads International, 3433 Commercial Street Vancouver BC (map)

Please RSVP to the Facebook Event Page

LunaCircles are events sponsored by Lunapads that create a safe space for conversation and exploration of how we connect with our fertility cycles.

In this special evening we will:

♦ Share about our personal journeys with our cycles
♦ Participate in a guided meditation
♦ Hear Alex speak about her passion for helping women model positive behaviour for the girls around them and the effects on the next generation of women coming up
♦ Learn about natural menstrual product options, including Lunapads, Lunapanties and the DivaCup (special prices will be in effect during the event!)

Blessings, and hope to see you soon!

Telling the future at BALLE

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013 by Madeleine

BALLE Conference 2013

Fran Korten, D’Artagnan Scorza and Adrienne Maree Brown

Suzanne and I are just back from attending the BALLE (Business Alliance for Local Living Economies) conference in awesome Buffalo (seriously, it’s very cool) and are full of great ideas and inspiration about localism, entrepreneurship and community building.

As a microcosm example of the kinds of people and ideas that were zinging around the campus of Buffalo State College, I’m going to tell you the story (appropriately) of a workshop entitled “Changing the Story”. The idea that we can change our reality based on how we express it is hardly a new one, however I think that we can all agree that one can never be too creative when it comes to social change and imagining a better future.

The session was ably led by Fran Korten (left), ED of Yes! Magazine (who, coincidentally, we had met at the airport and shared a cab with on the way to the conference, making her our “first BALLE friend”), who vividly illustrated the principle of how story can shape outcome by citing the disparity between early Norsemen and Inuit’s ability to survive in the Arctic: the Norsemen’s racist belief that they were superior to the fish-eating Inuit “scraelings” (wretches) basically led them to starvation.

As activists, she invited us to share with other participants the story that we are changing. In my case, it was about shifting from seeing menstruation as unclean, painful and embarrassing to having a holistic view of our cycles and appreciating and honouring them for the amazing life-giving, Earth-connecting mysteries that they, and by extension our entire bodies, truly are – yay!

Fran’s next panelist was Gar Alperovitz of The Democracy Collaborative, a longtime political activist who shared the belief that the capitalist system as we know it is failing us, and that we are on the precipice of immense change, led by none other than us BALLE-goers – wow!

D’Artagnan Scorza (center), ED of Inglewood CA-based The Social Justice Learning Institute, shared a powerful video that laid waste to the idea that most young black men in that community are destined for lives of crime and incarceration. We watched as scores of strong, proud youth reclaimed a lifeless urban lanscape and built a flourishing community garden. Their new story is about food sustainability, community development, wealth and pride.

Although working on the other end of the country in Detroit MI, Adrienne Maree Brown’s (right) story of her work with the Detroit Food Justice Task Force is one of empowerment, healing and a better future brought about through urban agriculture with startling similarities to D’Artagnan’s. I loved how she is shifting the “Detroit is dead” story to “We don’t need saving, we need you to respect what we have created.” This shift is in turn bringing a new phase of distribution and education about nutrition and food security. Adrienne further leveraged her “inner sci fi geek” to challenge us to liberate our imaginations with respect to thinking about the future – how awesome could it be? Here’s her awesome post on the session, as well as Suzanne’s account of meeting Adrienne at SVI Hollyhock in 2008!

The dominant messages that I took away included that most communities are already resourced and need empowerment and leadership from within, rather than outside “experts” pointing the way, and that the crucial area that needs the most fearless navigating lies between the old and new stories.

Pads4Oprah: BOOM!

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013 by Madeleine

pads4oprah header

This post is about so many things: walking the talk, making dreams reality, friendship without borders, and the pure power of inspiration. Regular readers will recall Pads4Oprah, our plan to donate 400 AFRIpads kits to girls in South Africa in honour of Oprah’s visit to Vancouver in January.

At Lunapads we love our social media, and so we promptly created a #Pads4Oprah bandwagon, making a video appeal and enlisting support from friends and fans to spread the word in the hope that we might catch Oprah’s attention. It was so much fun, and best of all we got to actually hear her speak right here in Vancouver. So far, so awesome.

Oprah came and went and didn’t call, however this did little to dampen our spirits, especially with the prospect of a 400 kit distribution on the horizon. So here we are again with the next, arguably most impactful chapter of this story: what happened with those 400 kits.