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The Lunapads Holiday Gift Guide

Thursday, December 4th, 2014 by Morgan

The name Lunapads has been synonymous with eco-friendly period products for over a decade, but in recent years we’ve expanded our product lines to include so much more! Carefully crafted and curated items that we personally use and love, and we think you’ll love them to! Here are our top picks for the holiday season – natural, reusable and sustainable gifts that will surely delight anyone on your list. Save 15% on these and other great gift ideas with discount code: NIFTYGIFTY


For the yoga or fitness enthusiast
We all know that conventional deodorants and antiperspirants are loaded with questionable and unnecessary chemicals like aluminum salts, triclosan, parabens and synthetic fragrance compounds –  but finding a natural alternative that actually works is a daunting task. Sola Coconut Deodorant is the holy grail of natural deodorants! Its’ coconut oil-based formula wont leave you feeling sticky after applying, or stinky half way through the day. Pair it up with some 100% Organic Cotton Leggings from Maggie’s Organics for a truly sustainable workout.

For the Fashionista
Maggie’s organics cushioned crew socks in stylish stripes will keep their feet warm and comfy while they’re out pounding the pavement in search of the latest looks. ULAT dryer balls are a great way to shorten drying times on laundry – reducing your energy bill and environmental impact while keeping your duds static-free.

For the Desk Jockey
Office lunches can be a little sad. Brighten up someone’s break with awesome lunch bag accessories from Cuppow and Planet Wise. The Cuppow BNTO adapter turns an average canning jar into ultimate 2-compartment reusable container. Keep your salad and dressing separate or your yogurt and granola un-stirred. Nearly 20 million plastic sandwich baggies are thrown out every day in the US alone. Help them break the trash habit with Planet Wise snack bags. Available in 2 sizes, both lined with FDA food safe material and featuring a no-leak design. Throw in a Lunapads handkerchief as a washable napkin and their reusable lunch kit is complete!

For Mom
Give your mom the gift of a good night’s sleep. Using innovative Drylon technology, Lusomé sleepwear wicks away moisture, keeping you cool and dry for the best sleep ever. Did you know that keeping your feet warm helps you fall asleep faster? La Pinède sleep socks in luxurious Mohair will keep those tootsies toasty, plus they’re machine washable.

For the Stressed-out Sally
We probably all know someone who needs a little extra self care around the holidays. The Lunapads Therapy Pillow provides hot or cool relief for aches and pains, plus it’s soothing Lavender scent is sure to help them relax. Hurraw Vegan Lip Balm is made from only the best ingredients and keeps your lips soft without feeling greasy or grainy – the perfect way to turn that frown upside down.

For the Fence-Sitter

For your friend who’s still on the fence about this whole reusable menstrual products thing. You’ve ranted and  raved about it but they still can’t bring themselves to fork over the cash and save themselves from a lifetime of bummer periods. Now’s your chance to do it for them. No more pussy footing around (pun intended!) Get them anything from our One4Her department. Not only will they feel great about their new menstrual care routine, they can also feel good knowing that using Lunapads products helps girls in East Africa stay in school, and creates jobs for women in Uganda.

Save 15% on these and other great gift ideas with discount code: NIFTYGIFTY



Putting the “cycle” in upcycle

Thursday, July 11th, 2013 by Sara K.

Upcycling is the process of converting useless products into better or more environmentally friendly ones. While not everyone uses Lunapads and/or the Diva Cup for eco reasons, lessening one’s footprint is certainly a contributing factor for many a crunchy gal out there who makes the switch. It can be life-changing and usually there’s no going back. Seeing as planning rarely goes hand-in-hand with a period-related epiphany, chances are many of us have leftover disposables lurking under our bathroom sinks and in our cupboards. And the question becomes: what to do with them?

In a word: crafts.

I’ve gathered a few fun DIY ideas for you to try.

Maxi Pad Slippers

Maxi Pad Slippers

Maxi Pad Dress

Maxi Pad Dress

The Tampon Applicator Pan Flute


The Tampon Wiener Dog Children’s Toy

Tampon Weiner Dog

And for the truly ambitious – The Tampon Chandelier


Got your inspiration flowing? Show us how you’re putting the “cycle” back in upcycle.


Easing into Lunapads, Birthday-style!

Friday, October 26th, 2012 by Suzanne

Lunapads Mini Pad & Insert sets are on sale now for just $10 each! Already have enough Lunapads? Share this deal with your friends to help them make the switch!

We’ve recently got into the habit of celebrating Fab Fridays here at Lunapads and this Friday is a special one: it’s my birthday! So, when the Lunagals asked me what I’d like to put on sale, I simply thought of the first product I bought just days after I met Madeleine 12 years ago!

When Madeleine explained to me what she did for a living and how Lunapads worked, I didn’t have an ewww reaction. Instead, I thought to myself “hey, Lunapads sound pretty progressive; Madeleine is someone I admire and want to support. Why not give them a try?” But I wasn’t sure if I would like using them. Feeling adventurous, I went to my local health food store (which is now a Whole Foods store) and picked up a Mini Pad & Insert pack. It seemed like a “safe” and inexpensive introduction to a concept that was definitely outside my normal routine. And I haven’t looked back since!

So in honour of my birthday, I want to make it easy for all of you folks who are new to Lunapads. (Bonus: we just received some super fun new prints from the factory: “That 70s Flow” fabric is particularly close to my heart, as most of my childhood memories are from the 1970s (any Partridge Family fans out there?)

This Friday October 26th, get a Mini Pad and Insert Pack for only $10.00. That’s a 33% savings! Have enough? Then please share this great offer with your pals: what better way for them to ease into Lunapads than suggesting they get some cute Mini Pads at a super low price?

PS: Mini Pad and Inserts are One4Her eligible. Buy one and we will donate an AFRIpad to a girl in East Africa!


Make the Switch with Hip Hop Mom!

Friday, October 19th, 2012 by Madeleine

THIS. IS. THE. BEST. THING. EVER!!! Yes people, it’s the first-ever Lunapads rap video (has anyone ever rapped about menstrual products ever, for that matter?), brought to you by the fabulous Monica Morong, aka World Hip Hop Mom. Monica, there are no words sweet or cool enough to express our gratitude for sharing your irrepressible spirit, creative vision and huge-heartedness with us. Massive ups to all our friends who showed up to help with the music and videomaking, especially the sweet-voiced Rahael Johannes. Y’all – watch, listen and share, share, share!!!

Monica was inspired to write the Lunapads rap song after hearing our story at a Conscious Divas event in Vancouver this summer. She was moved to tears upon hearing how Pads4Girls supports girls and women in Africa whose lives become extremely challenging because of their periods. A few days after the event Monica reached out to us to offer a custom rap song to share their message with the world about having an eco positive period.

As some background on Monica, she spent several years working in corporate PR and marketing before having children. Since moving to Vancouver from Toronto in 2008 Monica has been exploring what would bring her fulfillment and purpose outside of taking care of her family.


News from Sara at Osei-Duro in Ghana

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012 by Guest

Greetings from Accra, Lunagals!

I am having an incredible experience living in Ghana and interning with Osei-Duro. Alongside all of the typical things that go with working for a small fashion company, from pattern making to quality control, we have the pleasure of working with local tailors, artists and craftspeople to incorporate local fabrics and textile applications into the collection.

Ghana is a vibrant country rich in textile traditions. You can find dozens of different waxprint cotton in every market as well as hand dyed batik fabrics. We had the opportunity to visit some traditional weavers during our trip around the country. Kente is traditional Ashanti cloth, while Batakari is traditional garment made from handwoven cotton from the North. That being said, a typical day into the city centre is a parade of colour and patterns. The only time you will catch a Ghanaian wearing all black, they really will be on their way to a funeral (which are a really big thing here, but that’s another story).


Meow! Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 6th, 2011 by Lunapads Team

Find 3 Halloween Cats on our website this weekend and receive a free bottle of Lunablend with your order! Offer Expires Sunday, October 9th at Midnight. Sign up for our Monthly Newsletter to find out about future Lunapads sales and giveaways.


All Hallow’s Eve is just around the corner so just for fun, we have created scavenger hunt style giveaway to those of you who place an order over the weekend.

Here’s how to play:

  1.  Find 3 black cats on our website (see right). Hint: keep a close eye on our product photos.
  2. Click + Halloween Giveaway in your shopping cart before proceeding through checkout.
  3. Email the same day you order with the subject line “Meow!” and list the 3 locations where you spotted them.

You may be wondering: what do essential oils and cats have in common?  Both are a great help for menstrual cramping and all sorts of remedies.  Lunablend is a combination of orange, lavender and geranium essential oils and can be massaged directly onto your abdomen or you can use a few drops in the bathtub.  A hot water bottle used in combination with the oil can be quite delightful as well.  Even better?  Lunablend and a furry friend to purr on your belly.


My Luna Internship

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011 by Lunapads Team

Lunapads Intern Nancee

I had an awesome summer working at Lunapads as a Marketing and Info Tech Intern this summer. Last year I was very lucky to work for Lunapads on the “Ditch the Disposables” and “Pads4Girls” videos.  Getting to come back for a second summer was an unexpected treat that was made possible by Industry Canada’s Small Business Internship Program.  The program provides small business enterprises with grants to hire post-secondary students to assist them in adopting e-business strategies.

This summer has been very eventful at Lunapads. To start, I got to do a lot more than just making videos! Working in a smaller business allowed me to take on larger and more diverse projects than what a large corporation would have allowed. Rather than your stereotypical Intern tasks, I got to tap into many different parts of the business, from Customer Service to IT to Marketing.

I was able to really sharpen my Marketing and IT skills under the supervision of Lunapads Webmaster Lisa. Seeing how the company operates from its backend, using my skills in social media as well as creating a video marketing campaign has been such an invaluable learning experience.  Seeing the actual results of my efforts in the form of more YouTube Subscribers, more YouTube video views, blog responses and number of contest participants has also been very rewarding.


It’s My Party, Celebrate with Free Shipping!!!

Friday, August 26th, 2011 by Lunapads Team

This weekend marks a pretty special birthday for me. On Sunday, I turn 28 on the 28th! Making it my Golden or champagne birthday, which some people believe to be lucky. Double awesome is that 28 happens to be the number of days in a Moon cycle. Triple awesome is that Sunday is actually a New Moon. I definitely consider myself a Moonchild.

We here at the Lunapads office feel that such a cosmic coincidence should be celebrated by all so we are offering you free shipping on all US and Canadian orders placed by Midnight PST on August 31st. Enjoy!

This offer has ended.

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Welcome to the Jungle

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011 by Madeleine

Crocosmia, Montbretia, Jupiter variety I’ll just cut straight to the chase for those of you with short attention spans: I am nuts about gardening, and the next 500 words or so are basically going to be not much more than variations on that message.

I was prompted to write this post when a friend and business colleague tweeted about how well some plants from my garden were doing on his downtown roof, and further how his jeweler wife had made a casting of a crocosmia (aka Montbretia, Jupiter variety in case you are geeky that way) bud, one of my great favorites, inspired by it. There are so many layers to that: sharing, life, growth, beauty, art: time for a post to celebrate it all.

I am a bit of a messy, creative, “just go for it” type of person, and my garden is no different: I don’t worry too much about what “should” go where, and kind of revel in minor gardening “transgressions” like mixing flowers and vegetables together in the same bed and being perfectly happy with the neighbour’s climbing plants making themselves at home on our side of the fence as well.

It kind of feels like a very large, slightly out of control laboratory/playground, where my family and hundreds of small creatures like to hang out.


Summer Night Market

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011 by Lunapads Team

Richmond Night Market

For all those living in Vancouver, I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say – this summer has been quite a disappointment. When June arrived, I had unpacked my short shorts, stringy tank tops, and polka dot bikini (I swear I have one) in anticipation of blue skies and hot weather. Unfortunately, my high spirits were trampled by grey skies and chilly weather. I tried a couple of times to step out in a cute summer dress, only to run back home freezing with my tail between my legs.

Regardless of this un-summer like weather, I have been determined to enjoy my summer! Between our busy schedules, my boyfriend and I have been visiting  water falls, having picnics, enjoying free concerts in Whistler, spending way to much money buying Gelatos on Granville Island and strolling around downtown on the weekends.

As much fun as these activities have been, none of them compare to my favorite summer event: The Richmond night market.