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    Wysi Wipes

    Wysi Wipes

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    Wysi Wipes

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    US$ 3.99


    New! Now available in Small (12 count) or Large (100 count) Bags

    Biodegradable Wysi Wipes are the perfect solution for emergency period moments or cleaning your DivaCup or Pstyle while on the road. Moisten these mint-sized pellets with a bit of water and watch them expand into a 9"x9" (24x24cm) moist towelette.

    Made from plant fibres, they are not only biodegradable, but can also be reused a few times if they aren't too soiled.

    Measuring only 1cm thick and 2cm wide, keep a few in all of your carry bags. Great for diaper bags too!

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    1. great for camping Review by Michelle

      I've used them when I go camping and have to use the nasty, dark outhouses (along with my PStyle) so I don't have to sit down.
      These are great & so compact, and don't shred easily, like many other disposable wipes. Love them! (Posted on 10/2/13)

    2. marvelous product Review by southern buyer

      What a great invention! When I haven't showered and need to do a superfast wash-up, I squeeze witch hazel on one of the tablets. I keep some in a plastic baggie for travel. It's a great way to freshen up during a long day of airline travel without ending up with a wet washcloth in your bag! I haven't tried reusing mine, but I will try it in the future with gently-used wipes. The fibers are MUCH stronger than other wet wipe products. (Posted on 11/23/12)

    3. AMAZING Review by Annie

      I recently ordered the large bag--100 count--because these are so awesome.

      I LOVE these things! Add a little water and poof! you have a personal washcloth.

      I use these in public restrooms to help clean my Cup, should the need arise, and use them at home for personal care. They are so small I just slip them into a pocket. I keep them everywhere--in my pad bag, my purse, my work desk, my car.

      It's extremely convenient that they can be flushed, too.

      FANTASTIC product. (Posted on 5/1/12)

    4. FANtastic Review by Ell

      These wipes are fantastic! So easy to transport. I bought a whole bunch for when I went to a music festival where I couldn't shower. These were a great substitution for wet wipes (which I find always dry out and smell funny). They're great for dirty hands and other parts! So easy to use. Love them! (Posted on 3/19/12)

    5. A travel staple Review by KAREN

      I really enjoy this product.

      I use a small Planet Wise wet/dry bag with these.

      I put the WYSI wipes in the dry section of the bag, and put a small Go-Toob with water and a small rx container in the wet section of the bag.

      I then put the Planet Wise bag into another bag to bring with me.

      I put a wipe into the rx container, squirt with water, add the wipe, and use!
      And if anything leaks, it's all in the wet section!

      I take them everywhere in case I am out of antiseptic Wet-Ones (individually packed, not the tub). (Posted on 12/9/11)

    6. ingenious little nuggets Review by cassandra

      These wipes are small enough to carry in every bag of mine. I love how compact and handy they are. (Posted on 2/25/10) (Posted on 8/20/11)

    7. really reusable Review by Marie Bernat

      My mum used the same two for 3 weeks whilst in Brazil and now she's back she still does! I didn't think it could last that long. She doesn't put soap on, just a little water. (Posted on 4/13/10) (Posted on 8/20/11)

    8. Love these! Review by Michelle

      I love these wipes! I keep a bag in my purse to use when I'm out, and I use them at home too. They are great for freshening up after changing my DivaCup when I'm at home - I use one, rinse it out, and leave it to dry on top of the pile of towels. I use the same one throughout my period, unless I have some leakage on the floor to clean up (they are great for that too) in which case I'll use a new one. (Posted on 11/24/10) (Posted on 8/20/11)

    9. They're cool! Review by China

      These wipes are cool! I love how they're easy to transport. And they're stronger than paper towels! (Posted on 2/25/11) (Posted on 8/20/11)

    10. These are great! Review by Alicia

      Wisi Wipes are wonderful! I love how compact they are - which makes it easy for carrying. They are heavy duty and reusable....just awesome! (Posted on 3/25/11) (Posted on 8/20/11)