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Light Bladder Leaks

Light bladder leaks can happen for many reasons; pregnancy, exercise - sometimes just a laugh or sneeze can cause an "oops!" moment. In fact, light bladder leakage effects 1 in 3 over the age of 35. For light incontinence consisting of just a few drops of fluid, choose Lunapads Pantyliners. Our 7 Day Kits come in a range of sizes for different body types and underwear styles, so you can get the coverage you need. If your bladder leaks are heavier than just a few drops, adjustable absorbency Pads & Inserts are an effective and eco-friendly solution. Pad & Insert style Lunapads contain a thin leak-proof lining and feature removable Inserts for increased absorbency. Available in a range of sizes so you can get the coverage you need.

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