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    Long Pantyliner

    Long Pantyliner

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    Long Pantyliner

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    US$ 14.99

    Recommended For:
    Everyday, Pregnancy, Plus Size

    Length: 12" (30cm)

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    Includes 1 Long Pantyliner.
    Lunapads Pantyliners are a simple, all-in-one design. They are our thinnest, most breathable option, and are meant to be used on their own. Removable Liner Inserts cannot be added to increase their absorbency.

    Long Pantyliners are 12” (30cm) long and approx 2.5” (6 cm) wide when fastened. Suitable for spotting, lighter days, or for everyday leaks throughout the month. Note: When choosing the appropriate length for you, please allow for a 5-10% rate of shrinkage after washing.

    Available fabric options are displayed below the product image. Click swatches to enlarge.

    Wing Extenders add an extra ½" of width to fit underwear with a gusset wider than 2.5".

    2 Layer, 100% cotton flannel base topped with gusset panel made with 2 layers of soft and absorbent 100% cotton fleece. Nickel-free, Silver-plated brass single snap fastening.

    Pantyliners are suitable for daily discharge, light menstrual flow or as back up for a menstrual cup. Lunapads Pantyliners will last approximately as long (per use) as a comparably-sized disposable pantyliner. However, unlike most disposable pantyliners, Lunapads do not contain any added chemicals, gels, or super absorbent polymers. Given this, Lunapads users need to be mindful of changing their pantyliner as frequently as their flow dictates in order to prevent soaking through.

    Lunapads will last upwards of 5 years with recommended usage and care. Many of our customers report they still own some Lunapads from 10 years ago!

    Lunapads can be washed by hand or machine in any temperature with your regular detergent. Pre-soaking or rinsing in cold water prior to washing is recommended (but not always necessary) particularly if the pads are heavily saturated. Please note that if Lunapads are being soaked, soaking water must be changed daily.

    We recommend natural cleaning products such as Nellie’s All Natural Laundry Soda for regular cleaning, and Buncha Farmers Stain Remover to perk up stained Lunapads. Heavily stained Pads, Liners or Pantyliners may also benefit from occasional machine wash and dry in hot settings or air drying in direct sunlight.

    Please avoid the use of chlorine bleach or fabric softeners to clean Lunapads, as this will decrease the performance of the products and is harmful to the environment.

    Wrap the Pantyliner around the gusset of your underwear and close the snap to secure in place. The fleece panel should be facing up (towards your body on the inside of the panty), as this is the most absorbent part of the pantyliner. Note that incorrect placement of the Pantyliner may result in result reduced comfort or performance.

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    1. Great Product, but wrong description Review by Kris

      Love these because of the confidence I have in knowing there is no way these suckers won't catch everything (I hated when sticky plastic liners would bunch up and still get all over your underthings, or the irritation associated with the winged versions, or based on your physical position it would always manage to get right to the edge of your liner and then spill over...). Gone are those days.

      However, after receiving the product, you should really change the description because they are only 11 inches.
      This could be a deciding factor for some who many think that 12 inches is too long.
      Even at 11 inches, there's a huge difference between the next size down (8 inches) and this 11/ "12"-inch version.

      Hope this helpful for those shopping around. (Posted on 7/11/13)

    2. They are SO comfortable and great with the DivaCup! Review by Jessica

      I got these to use as back-up for the DivaCup, because, let's face it, sometimes it leaks... These were the solution I needed to make the DivaCup foolproof. With the long pantiliners from Lunapads I never have to worry about staining my clothes! Then at the end of my period when my flow is light I use them instead of the DivaCup. They are incredibly comfortable and they absorb quickly- they keep me cozy and dry! Plus, I love the pretty fabrics. One piece of advice- the long pantyliners are definitely the size to buy even if you are a small woman (I am). I have both the longs and the mini and I much prefer the longs because even if they shift during the day you will still be covered. Ladies, if you haven't tried these, you are missing out! (Posted on 3/12/12)

    3. Why did I wait til now to switch?! Review by MTGriz

      I have always been a "two pantyliners a day" gal, and grew to hate the plasticky, sticky feeling from disposables, and frankly, odor was also an issue (probably tmi, but hey, it happens.) One day as I was hanging my baby's cloth diapers on the line to dry, it hit me: hey, why do I put my kid in cloth, but continue to use disposable, costly, toxic, plastic, sticky, icky products for myself?! So I made the switch, and couldn't be happier. The liners are actually cozy (is that possible with a feminine product?) and no more odor - NO KIDDING! The long size fits perfectly (I am a size 16) and I've never had issues with bunching or shifting. These are well-constructed and I look forward to getting years of use out of my stash. (Posted on 1/15/12)

    4. No shifting with long liner Review by Kuribo

      I tried the regular-sized pantyliners and mini-sized, but they both shift to the back for me--I found the long panyliner was the way to go. They seemed huge when they arrived, not as small and cute as the smaller sizes, but when I actually used them I wished I could exchange my smaller ones. The long liners stay where I need them to without shifting around, they're not terribly bulky and they start and end where I need them without being excessive (unlike an overnight disposable pad.) I use these for DivaCup backup and on the tail end of my period. Also, I am a plus-sized gal, so that may affect the fit. (Posted on 11/16/11)

    5. Great Product Review by Kris

      The long liner is my choice for daily backup for my DivaCup. i find that the liner (any of the lunapads sizes) are more than able to handle leaks or for daily wear. I choose the long ones so make sure i have complete coverage. i find they aren't too bulky and can be worn comfortably under your every day clothing. (Posted on 9/18/11)

    6. surprised how much a liked these Review by shellypod4

      I made the switch to cloth a few months ago and I am super happy with it. I had read that the regular liner shifted around a bit. I purchased the 7day long pantyliner set and love them. I have had no shifting what so ever. I really was skeptical at first, curious if these were going to work, but they work great! My husband told me not to mention any thing about cloth to my friends. He thought that I was a little to out there. After trying these out though, I couldn't keep it to myself. My friends have been glad I introduced them to this product. So glad to find such a great product! (Posted on 7/10/11)