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Teeny Pantyliner

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Teeny Pantyliner

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Customer Reviews (17)

Great except they shrunkReview by Adjirose
I bought seven of these and I love them. They are much more comfortable than normal liners/pads and much more eco-friendly. The only thing that I found annoying was that the washing instructions on the label are wrong. It says: "Machine wash hot, do not bleach, dry low." I did exactly that and they shrunk. These definitely need to be washed cold and dried on the delicate cycle, if not hung to dry. (Posted on 4/26/2016)
A fluffy piece of heaven for the lady bits!Review by Dianne
I was skeptical about cloth pads and liners, but the Teeny Pantyliner was a fluffy piece of heaven for my lady bits! Soft, comfortable, and handled more light flow than I ever anticipated. Even when it was ready to be changed, I did not feel damp--and that's amazing. One word of advice--although these covered enough area to prevent staining of underwear, I did have some minor bunching and shifting, which I think a longer liner would have prevented. I have ordered several more for myself and my tween daughter. Her stash of Lunapads has her looking forward to her period, and I'm happy about nothing but organic cotton against our skin. (Posted on 4/6/2016)
Great quality product, great customer service (I don't recommend the Cabin Fever fabric)Review by Tee
I've finally switched over to the Divacup 6 months ago and use the Teeny pantiliners as backup and for a few days after my period. Love these pads, they're comfortable, wash well and stay well in place in my cotton underwear, even when exercising. I would however advise against the Cabin Fever fabric as it isn't made of the same type of fabric as the other pads (I had ordered a Surprise Me! 7-pad set and had gotten 1 in this fabric) and is much more slippery. Lunapads customer service was excellent in responding to my issues with this fabric, I was very satisfied. I feel great about reducing the amount of waste I was generating during my periods and also feel all around better, no more irritation or feeling like I'm wearing a diaper (I was unable to use tampons, the Divacup has been a lifesaver). I also like that buying these pads helps other women with the One4her program, and that I am supporting a homegrown Canadian company. Very happy camper here! (Posted on 5/1/2015)
Perfect FitReview by Delia
Small enough to wear comfortably. Absorbs well too. I wish I had discovered Lunapads sooner and I hope they come up with some new fabric prints. (Posted on 3/2/2015)
DisappointedReview by Ashlee
So far I have at least two problems with these pantyliners: (1) I find them uncomfortable -- the fabric feels rough while wearing them and the pantyliners are thick enough that it's hard to forget that I'm wearing one, like having a permanent wedgie. (2) The snaps are hard and awkward to close, and the pantyliner doesn't stay in place -- it moves forward or backward. After trying these I think I'll stick to my much more laborious pre-treat and wash routine to get my underwear clean, and I won't be recommending these to anyone. (Posted on 3/1/2015)
loving my lunapads for 3+ years!Review by Katie
About three years ago I decided to try out some reusable pantyliners for a couple of reasons 1) I was making some lifestyle changes to try to be more eco-friendly 2) because of being on the pill I was having very light periods and got tired of having to buy disposable pantyliners every month and barely making use of them. I was literally throwing my money away! Tried a couple of brands and luna pads seemed to be the best option for me. As a petite woman (I'm 5'2, wear size 2 or 4 pants), it's hard to find reusable pad/pantyliner options that don't feel super thick and bunchy. I tried the mini pantyliner and the mini pads as well; they both resulted in about 2-3" of unneeded fabric in the back and front, but the teeny pantyliners have been a perfect fit!! Thank you Lunapads!! (Posted on 3/22/2013)
Day Two and already lovin' it!Review by CutePi314
I decided to switch to cloth pads/pantyliners as an experiment. I've been suffering from discomfort and painful rashes in the ladybits for the past two years, and every cream and drug I've tried has done nothing. I've been allergy tested, dermatologist one knows what's causing it. Day two of using the Lundapads Teeny Pantyliner and I already notice a difference. Usually with disposable Always liners, I have to change them out twice or three times a day because they feel wet and sticky. I went all day with ONE Teeny Liner and I completely forgot it was there! No wetness, no irritation, no adhesive sticking to tender areas, rash has already started clearing. But for the discerning customer, a few cons: I'm quite petite (3/5 pants, 2 dress) and I found the Teeny to be a bit too wide for the gusset of my panties. The snaps are too far apart, so when the whole thing is snapped together, there is some excess fabric that overhangs. Not too much of an issue, but it does contribute to some sliding and some slight bunching/wrinkling. I'm not sure I could use them for a real period (I'll be using for Keeper backup and everyday use) because I think they would bunch up awkwardly and leak. But for everyday discharge and just a clean, soft feeling, you can't beat the Teeny. If you are a regularly-sized lady, you shouldn't have the "overhang" issue I'm having either. I'll be ordering a few more as soon as the next paycheck comes in! (Posted on 7/3/2012)
AWESOMEReview by Annie
I use these for everyday wear and as back-up to my Cup. They are superbly comfortable and barely noticeable. They stay in place--in regard to both the fastener and during physical activity. (Posted on 4/30/2012)
Great for a light day.Review by Mere
I purchased the teeny pantyliners as a back up to use with the diva cup. They are so comfortable! The only problem I have is on my heavy days, I definitely need more protection-just in case my diva cup leaks, which it has a few times. My heavy days tend to be really heavy(emptying the cup 3 or more times a day). I just purchased the heavy flow starter kit to cover these days. Overall, I am so pleased with my switch from disposables to lunapads. There is absolutely no reason not to switch, it is much more practical financially, it is much more comfortable, it smells better, and it's better for the environment too. Oh, and my dog is longer sniffing through my bathroom trash to pull out gross used pads. (Posted on 4/27/2012)
These liners are great!Review by Ell
I really like these liners. I use them for the day before and the last few days of my period. They are light and comfortable. My only complaint is that in the lighter colours (like the light blue) they stain quite easily and no matter how much soaking and stain removing I do, I just can't get the stains off. Even so, I'm still happy using them, I think I'll just go for the darker colours in future. (Posted on 3/18/2012)

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