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    Lunapads Overview and FAQ

    What are the different types of Lunapads available?

    Pad-style Lunapads are comprised of 2 parts: a Pad Base with wings that fasten around the gusset of your underwear, and a removable Liner Insert that is secured to the top with ric-rac bands. Pad-style Lunapads contain a PUL lining that is sewn between layers of flannel and fleece. This leak-resistant lining helps to ensure you will not soak through. Pads are easily customized with Liner Inserts, which makes them a suitable product for light, moderate or heavy menstrual flow, as well as light stress incontinence. Pad & Liner style Lunapads are available in Mini, Maxi, Long and Heavy sizes.
    Pantyliners are our thinnest, and most breathable product. They are an AIO (all-in-one) style Lunapad intended for daily use, light menstrual flow, and are popular worn as backup protection with an internal menstrual product. Because Pantyliners are not intended to be used for moderate or heavy menstrual flow, they do not contain leak-resistant lining, and you do not have the ability to change Liner Inserts. Pantyliners are available in Thong, Teeny, Mini and Long sizes.

    How do they stay in place?

    To secure your Pad or Pantyliner, simply wrap the wings around the gusset of your underwear, and fasten the snaps underneath. The snaps should be on the outside of your underwear, not against your body. The soft fleece panel down the middle of your pad or pantyliner should always face up towards your body as this is the most absorbent part of your Lunapad.

    We recommended that you wear snug / close fitting cotton underwear (not tight, but not baggy either) with your Lunapads, as this will help ensure that they stay in close contact with your body and don't shift. Because Lunapads do not stick to your underwear the way a disposable pad does, you may need to readjust throughout the day. The great thing is that unlike disposables, you can easily readjust Lunapads by simply pulling your Pad or Pantyliner forward or backward as needed - no unsticking and resticking necessary!

    Are some Pad & Liner styles more absorbent than others?

    All Pad & Liner Style Lunapads are constructed of the same materials and are equally absorbent when worn without the addition of a Liner Insert. The different names (Mini, Maxi, Long and Heavy) refer to length and shape of the pad, not the thickness or level of absorbancy.

    With the addition of Liner Inserts, you can customize your pad’s absorbancy and thickness to meet  your flow and needs. Those with heavy flow may be more comfortable with a longer style pad, wheras those with light flow may opt for a shorter pad, although you should consider other aspects of your body and needs when choosing a pad length. If you are very petite, we recommend you choose a shorter length; if you are tall or plus size, you may want to opt for a longer style to ensure you have the right amount of coverage.

    How do I choose the right products for my needs?

    Shop by Category to browse our specialized product recommendations for the following flows (Light, Average, Heavy), needs (Everyday, Active/Travel, Pregnancy, Postpartum, Incontinence) and bodies (Girls & Teens, Petite, Plus Size). 

    What size should I choose?

    It's all about coverage! Measure the length of the product that you are currently using and choose the Pad or Pantyliner that is of similiar length.

    The standard width of our Pantyliners and Pads is approximately 2.5" when snapped. If you need additional width, as with some styles of boy shorts or underwear with a wider gusset style, order a Wing Extender.

    Our Maxi Pads are comparable to most standard sized disposable pads, whereas our Long Pads make a fantastic replacement for overnight pads and are a preferred style for plus size customers or those seeking extra coverage.

    How many do I need?

    That depends on a few factors: most notably how heavy your flow is and how often you plan to do laundry. A single Pad will get you through a full day of your cycle, provided that the Liner Insert is changed before soaking through. Liner Inserts will last approximately as long per use as a comparably-sized disposable pad or tampon. This means that those with lighter flow won't need to change their Liner Inserts very often, whereas those with heavier fow will need to change more frequently, or stack multiple Liner Inserts into a Pad. Given this, you can expect to use 1 Pad and - depending on your flow - anywhere from 1 - 6 Liner Inserts per day during your period.

    How many times per day do you change your pad or tampon?

    You can expect to use approximately that same number of Pantyliners or Liner Inserts with your Pad or Lunapanty per day. For example, if you normally use 3 disposable pads a day, we estimate you will use 1 Pad-style Lunapad per day, changing your Liner Insert 3 times.

    How many days does your period last?

    We estimate you will need at least 1 Pantyliner, Pad or Lunapanty per day of our period. To ensure you do not run out of products during your period, simply wash and dry your Pantyliner, Pad or Lunapanty after use so it is ready to be used again if needed - OR - add 1 - 3 extra products to your supply. If you are using Pads or Lunapanties, your pad or panty will stay in place all day long and you will simply swap out the Liner Insert for a fresh one as needed throughout the day. Refer to the previous question to find out approximately how many Liner Inserts you should allot for per day of your period.

    Do you want to wash Lunapads during your period?

    If you don’t want to launder Lunapads during your period, you will need to purchase more products. However, if you want to save even more money, you can do so by purchasing less product and washing it half-way through your cycle.

    How do I use Pads?

    Most washable pads have an "envelope" design where you tuck Liner Inserts inside the pad, making it necessary fo you to change your entire pad when it feels uncomfortably wet.

    With Lunapads, the Liners sit on top of the pad, so all you have to do is swap out the liner when it's wet, which can be easily be done as often as you desire throughout the day. This means you don't have to purchase as many Lunapads as you would with other washable pad brands. Watch our video on the left to see how this works!

    How do I use Liner Inserts?

    Liners How-To Step 2

    Liner Inserts can be used to increase the absorbency of Lunapads and Lunapanties. Simply slide the ends of the Insert underneath the bands on your pad or panty. Changing Liners Inserts allows you to easily keep your pads or panties as fresh as you want, as often as you need. Stack multiple Liner Inserts into a pad or Lunapanty for extra absorption.

    Wing Liners are inserted the same way as Basic Liners. The wings are not fastened to the pad, they simply fold over the edges of your pad and rest comfortably against your thighs. This way they are better able to catch any leaks.

    Please note: Liner Inserts are NOT designed to be used on their own as there is no way to fasten them to you underwear. They must be used in conjunction with a pad or Lunapanties.

    How do I use Pantyliners?

    To attach your Pantyliner, simply fasten the snaps around the gusset of your underwear. The solid colored fleece panel should be facing up towards your body, with the snaps fastened on the underside. Pantyliners are ideal for daily discharge, very light menstrual flow, or with menstrual cups like The DivaCup. Pantyliners are an all-in-one product and are not compatible with Liner Inserts (which are intended for use with Pads or Lunapanties only). Pantyliners do not include a leak-resistant lining.

    Who uses Lunapads?

    Well, for starters, all of us here at Lunapads! The products that we make and sell are a reflection of our own needs and experiences. We are not some huge anonymous corporation here – just a group of folks who need menstrual products and think that reusable is the way to go. You can connect with other Lunapads users on Facebook and Twitter, and visit our about us section and our blog to learn more about our company.

    Why should I switch to washable menstrual pads?

    You probably came to this site because you heard or read someone extolling the improbable-sounding virtues of washable menstrual pads. They had better be good, you thought, considering that you've got to wash them and carry them around with you! Sure, it's a bit of a change from just throwing away used disposable pads and tampons, but here's the good news: using Lunapads can be an enlightening, freeing experience that is actually about loving and understanding your body. Being more present with your menses by washing your pads can bring about a wonderful sense of self-acceptance that can extend to other aspects of your body.

    Using Lunapads enables you to be self-sufficient and to incorporate a ritual of self-care into your monthly cycle. For many of us who have been washing our menstrual pads for years, there has been a profound shift in consciousness, and the idea of going back to disposables is unimaginable. What we once thought of as innocently “disposable” now seems like pollution, and what we once accepted as “sanitary” has become to us unnatural and even toxic. As for the “convenience” of having to repeatedly buy pads and tampons every month – it now seems like a hassle, when we could be doing something fun or taking care of ourselves instead!

    What's it like to switch from disposable pads and tampons?

    “Amazing” and “surprising” are probably the two most common words we hear to describe making the switch. While it's different for everyone, what we can promise you is that Lunapads and Lunapanties are far more comfortable than any disposable Pad or Pantyliner you've ever used. Aside from how soft the Pads feel next to your skin, the next best benefit is a wonderful feeling of freedom and self-sufficiency, which is often a surprise because many initially believe it will be the reverse. The perceived “hassle” of having to wash the Pads is actually no big deal, and the feminine hygiene section of drugstores becomes a curious, foreign place that one is now free from having to visit! It can take anywhere from one day to several months to incorporate your new washable pads into your monthly routine. Many of our customers start out by just using them at night, when they’re at home, or on lighter flow days.

    How do Lunapads differ from other washable pads?

    Lunapads unique pad design - placing the Liner Insert on top - allows you to easily freshen your pad without having to change all of it. Most washable pads have an “envelope” design where you put liners or inserts inside the pad, making it so you have to change the entire pad when it feels uncomfortably wet. With Lunapads, the Liner Inserts sit on top of the Pad Base, so all you have to do is swap out the Liner Insert, which can easily be done as often as you desire throughout the day. This feature also allows you to purchase fewer pads (you'll need more liners than pads) in the first place, as well as not having to carry as many things around with you.

    Lunapads offers incredible versatility and selection: with 6 sizes of pads and 4 sizes of pantyliners as well as fabric choices from undyed organic cotton to gorgeous prints, Lunapads has it! We use 100% cotton fleece for Lunapads absorbent core and liners - softer and more absorbent than just flannel alone.

    What are the environmental benefits of washable pads?

    From a common sense perspective, the choice to wash and reuse cloth menstrual pads is a simple one, akin to using stainless steel water bottles, cloth shopping bags or rechargeable batteries in lieu of their single-use counterparts. In doing so, we reduce the gross amount of resources consumed and solid waste generated. It is estimated that approximately 20 billion pads, tampons and applicators are being sent to North American landfills annually . On an individual level, each of the approximately 73 million menstruating people in North America will throw away 125 to 150kg of disposable menstrual products in their lifetime. Moreover, these products require hundreds of years to biodegrade, particularly if wrapped in the plastic baggies commonly provided for this purpose as part of their packaging.

    Lunapads last at least 5 years with recommended use and care, as opposed to 3 or 4 hours in the case of disposables. While individual cases vary, we estimate that a single Lunapad replaces approximately 120 disposable pads or tampons.

    How much money will I save using Lunapads?

    One way to look at financial savings is to extrapolate how much money you will spend on menstrual products per month and throughout your lifetime. For example: someone with an average flow may use 16 (light to heavy absorbency) pads during a 5 day cycle, which means they will spend approximately $5/month on disposable pads or tampons, or $280 over 5 years.

    In contrast, you could invest $130 in a Lunapads Deluxe Kit, which includes enough pads and liners to accommodate a full menstrual cycle. Given the Deluxe Kit will last well over 5 years, the savings accumulates to $150 over five years. If we further extrapolate these savings over the average 35 years a person may menstruate, the total savings is over $1,000.

    For more detailed cost savings analysis, click here

    Will Lunapads leak?

    When it comes to leaks, as with any other menstrual products, you need to change your Lunapad or Liner within a reasonable amount of time to prevent the Pad or Liner from soaking through. You also need to be practical about which pad style to use at which times (i.e. Pantyliners are really not suitable for heavy flow!) Remember, our Pads feature a thin layer of PUL to prevent soaking through. With experience, you will learn which Pad style and how many Liners will take you through a day.

    Generally speaking, you should start each day (or night) with a fresh Pad, then change liners as often as needed. On heavier days, you may want to change the entire pad at some point — on light ones probably not at all. Figuring out exactly when to change Pads and Liners is part experience, part common sense and part good old-fashioned intuition.

    I have really heavy flow. Can I use Lunapads?

    Definitely. Our Pads' removable liner feature allows you to add extra liners and change them frequently. Our Pads also have a leak-resistant lining built right into the base of the pad that provides additional security when you need it. Unlike most washable pads, Lunapads are made with super-soft and absorbent 100% cotton fleece, not just multiple layers of flannel. Click here to see our list of recommended products for heavy flow.

    How long will Lunapads last?

    Lunapads can last for many years, depending on how they're washed and whether they're washed and worn multiple times during one cycle. A safe bet is at least three years, but many of us have been using the same Lunapads for far longer than that – 8 or 9 years! Please do not use chlorine bleach to clean your Lunapads however as it will decrease their life expectancy.

    Can I use the same Liners with Lunapads and Lunapanties?

    Yes! One of the best features of Lunapads is the versatility of Liners. You can stack them to make the pads even thicker (great for heavy overnight or postpartum flow!), or choose wing liners to add lateral protection. All styles of liners are compatible with Bikini, Brief and Hipster style Lunapanties, allowing you to choose whatever thickness or length is best for you.

    How are organic cotton Lunapads different?

    Conventionally grown cotton is one of the most pesticide-intensive crops in the world. Organic farming is healing the planet and promoting sustainable agriculture and communities, now and for the future.

    Choosing organic cotton pads is basically upping the environmental benefits of an already responsible choice. Because organic cotton is made without pesticides and chemicals, we recommend organic cotton pads and underwear for those with skin allergies and sensitivities. While regular and organic cotton perform similarly in terms of absorbency, we feel that organic cotton is simply a lovelier fabric for you and the environment.

    Can I use Lunapads for incontinence?

    While Lunapads are not specifically designed for this purpose, many customers report that they work wonderfully for light incontinence. Our Pads have a leak-resistant lining built into them that helps, but is not to be relied on for longer periods of time or more chronic conditions. The major benefits of using our Pads for light incontinence is that they are far less irritating, expensive and wasteful than disposable products. You may also want to consider Deluxe Lunapanties for incontinence, as they also have a PUL lining as well as being compatible with Liners. Click here to see our list of recommended products for incontinence.

    Are Lunapads suitable during pregnancy and for postpartum use?

    Definitely! Throughout pregnancy, you may discharge an increasing amount of leukohria, making pantyliners and Lunapanties essential. Click here to see our list of recommended products for pregnancy. Post partum, Lunapads, Lunapanties and Lunablankets are gentler and more comfortable ways to take special care of a tender perineum (compared to using sticky disposable pads that you get from the hospital or drug store.) Click here to see our list of recommended products for postpartum.

    Can Teens use Lunapads?

    Absolutely! Lunapads are an excellent choice for teens. Whether it is for a first period, or for a teen wanting to try alternative menstrual products, we have a number of products that are particularly well suited for teens. We recommend starting with Lunapanties, Teeny Pantyliners or Mini Pads. We also offer both a Teen Kit and Deluxe Teen Kit. Environmentally-aware teens love that there's no waste, and who needs to deal with drama at the drugstore? Starting early with Lunapads helps young women to feel proud of their cycles and get in touch with their bodies in a healthy, positive way. Women under age 21 are also at the highest risk for contracting Toxic Shock Syndrome due to their immune systems not being fully developed, so external products are a wise choice for health reasons as well. Click here to see our list of recommended products for teens.

    Can I wear Lunapads while swimming?

    Unfortunately, pads in general aren’t great for swimming. Because Lunapads are externally worn (outside of the body, unlike a tampon), they will absorb any water that they are immersed in, leaving no room to absorb your menstrual flow.  However, The DivaCup is a great option to use while swimming!

    How do I wash and care for my Lunapads?

    Lunapads can be washed by hand or machine in any temperature with your regular detergent. Pre-soaking or rinsing in cold water prior to washing is recommended (but not always necessary), particularly if the pads are heavily saturated. Please note that if Lunapads are being soaked, soaking water must be changed daily. Lunapads should be completely air or machine dried before storing in a clean, dry place. With proper care, Lunapads will last several years.

    We recommend natural cleaning products such as Nellie’s All Natural Laundry Soda for regular cleaning, and Buncha Farmers Stain Remover to perk up stained pads. Heavily stained pads may also benefit from occasional machine wash and dry in hot settings or air drying in direct sunlight.

    Please avoid the use of chlorine bleach or fabric softeners to clean Lunapads, as this will decrease the performance and absorbency of the products and is harmful to the environment.

    Wash dark coloured Lunapads with like colours.