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Press Release

BCBusiness Magazine honours Lunapads as a 2011 Leading Innovator
Company hailed for helping girls and women around the world

April 4 2011, Vancouver, BC - BCBusiness Magazine named Lunapads International as one of BC’s 20 Leading Innovators at an annual reception highlighting the province’s most ground-breaking ventures. Lunapads is an east Vancouver-based enterprise that specializes in eco-friendly menstrual products.

"It’s tempting to imagine what the world would be like if every company operated under the same principles as Lunapads, a triple-bottom-line innovator that is changing the lives of women around the world," hailed BCBusiness Magazine.

While the panel of judges was impressed with Lunapads' innovative solution to sustainable alternatives to disposable pads and tampons, they were won over by Pads4Girls, Lunapads’ in-house philanthropic project.

Across the developing world, millions of girls are missing up to 20% of school due to lack of sanitary supplies. Through Pads4Girls, Lunapads partners with customers and non-government organizations to provide special kits to girls in developing nations so they can stay in school every day of the month. Since 2000, Lunapads has helped over 1200 girls across Africa and Central America.

"As soon as we found out about this issue, we felt compelled to help in every way we could," says Madeleine Shaw, Lunapads co-founder and president.

"To me, innovation is about creating a vision with an edge of bravery that results in a uniquely meaningful impact," declares Shaw.

"The problem goes far beyond missing a few days of school every month – it leads to earlier dropout rates, earlier age of marriage and childbirth, increased incidence of maternal mortality, reduced career choices and wages, and overall a smaller, less empowered life," explains Suzanne Siemens, Lunapads co-founder.

"Educated girls, on the other hand, grow up to become leaders in their communities, which in turn improves the future for entire countries," Siemens continues.

In addition to donations, Lunapads makes an even bigger impact by mentoring and providing financial support to organizations such as AFRIpads in Uganda. By sharing proprietary business information, Lunapads is helping these organizations train and employ women in their local communities, which is one of the most powerful way to elevate families out of poverty.

The annual Innovators awards event is hosted by BCBusiness Magazine. A panel of experts on business selected the 20 Leader Innovators from 50 finalists. All of the Leading Innovators are featured in BCBusiness Magazine’s just-released third annual Innovators Issue.


For more information, please contact:
Madeleine Shaw
Co-Founder and President, Lunapads International
Office: 604-681-9953 or 1 888-590-2299

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