Meet the Lunagals (alumnus): Marie-Geneviève

So we’ve started a Lunapads blog, and as a first foray into the online journaling world, I’m to write a short intro about myself. Since I’m really excited about the idea of the blog, and I do have a personal one of my own, the task ahead of me should not seem so difficult. And yet somehow, it does. I’m not quite sure how to adequately describe myself, how to put myself ‘on the page’ as it were. What would interest you, dear Lunapads readers? What is relevant? I guess I should start with the basics and we’ll see where I end up…

I’m a 25 year old French girl, fiercely feminist, fiercely femme. I’m the newest addition to this little Lunapads family as I’ve only been working here since last August. I’m originally from Québec, grew up in Alberta, and wandered out to the West coast almost 4 years ago to escape Edmonton winters and get my Master’s degree in Women’s Studies in the process. After spending 6 years in academia, my dreams of teaching sort of petered out, and after a long (and might I add very broke) summer of unemployment, I stumbled upon this job. Luckily for me, a friend of mine who was moving out East suggested I apply to be her replacement here, and lo and behold, here I am. What started out as part-time helping out with orders has blossomed into a full-time position with new and exciting responsibilities. Accounting! Website management! Seriously, these things excite me. And you know, working for a politicized, specifically feminist, company with a group of really rad women is pretty great too. 🙂

In addition to having a great job, I have a fabulous apartment and a solid community of smart, sassy people that I can share my current obsessions with. These include: bike rides, summertime, bodies of water and spending time near them, dance parties, smart conversations, Mary Timony, memoirs written by women, my new hamster, iced mochas, playing cards, and thinking critically about my life and the communities I am involved in. So all in all, things here in my little world are pretty good, it’s just the rest of the world that needs to catch up. Until next time, take care and enjoy the sun.

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  • John Lane

    Hi you,
    Thanks for the intro! I like the site, it’s sharp. Curious to see your pic when you post it. I believe ‘Luna Pads’ is a great endeavor and will just continue to grow both in stature and size. Thanks again for the tour.

  • Yay, it’s great to learn about everyone here. I am so glad the blog is up! Yum for iced mochas, and yay for Lunapads (and Quebec, since that is where I was born too!)!

  • vickie

    Hi , I am Kenyan lady interested in natural Lunapads – it is a noble idea needed back here at home in Kenya. Do have any branch back here or something…keep me informed.