Meet Sandra (alumnus)

As the gal who writes the customer service emails on a daily basis, one would think I’m okay about getting a bit personal. I can recommend what size pad you need for your flow and talk you through figuring out just how that Diva Cup works. But that is a little different than putting myself ‘out there.’ I’m noticing we’re all talking about our nervousness towards this task but with an air of excitement. I’m sure once we’ve done a few entries this will all be old news, but our first baby steps in to the world of blogging are wobbly indeed.

To know how I ended up at Lunapads I guess you need to know where I’m from. I grew up on an acreage outside of Edmonton, Alberta as the oldest of four kids. Since I didn’t even have my own bedroom until my late teenage years, I spent most of my time roaming outside; loving the many seasons and all that nature had to show me. From a young age I was taught to respect nature and always leave a place better than I found it.

I moved to Vancouver six years ago in search of new experiences that I felt I couldn’t get where I grew up. I jumped around in jobs that left me less than satisfied with my place in the world…until I found Adbusters Magazine. Working there turned me on to the idea that I could contribute to an organization that shared my values and helped to make a positive impact on the world-at-large. I promised myself that when I left I wouldn’t settle for anything less.

As the story goes with all Lunapads employees, it was through a mutual friend that I came to know Madeleine and Suzanne. I was already a Lunapads user and jumped at the chance to once again work for a company that was making a difference. Lunapads is a special work place: we are all women (being in the business that we are in, it just makes sense), we have a child-friendly space, we make decisions together and focus on making the office vibe a good one. We listen to music and pack up orders and play with kids. Most importantly though, we’re helping women feel good about themselves and their periods. We are part of a revolution and it’s wonderful to be able to promote the products we sell with an honest heart.

Aside from sending cloth pads around the globe, I like to spend time with my boyfriend, my cat, and my friends. I’m an avid concertgoer and you’ll be getting updates on some of the music that piques my interest. I’m still enamored with nature and love to get out camping or hiking every chance I get. But when I’m stuck in the city you’ll often find me biking, baking (vegan style), sewing, reading or doing art. I’m also working towards becoming a doula, and planning to travel South America this winter with my beau.

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  • Hooray Sandra! You did it! It is always a pleasure to speak to you, over the phone or email, and it was the greatest pleasure coming to the office in February! I think I am getting “!” happy here. 😛

    PS. You should still go for kits_chic…mtpleasant_chic just doesn’t have the same ring to it. 😛

  • Hi Sandra! It’s nice to see and hear about you after being able to write back and forth with you about my orders. Hope to hear more from you!

  • Hey Heathers, thanks for the kind words…it’s a nice feeling to have women out there who care about the faces behind the pads.