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I never, ever, ever thought I would find something that I am so enthusiastic with as I am with Lunapads. I mean, who talks about their period, right? Let alone what they use?! Of course not! Well, that was what I used to think. Like many people, I was led to believe that I was stuck with either pads or tampons, and I so don’t like tampons. I never thought much about it. I know now that I am not alone with those thoughts. So, here is where my personal story begins…

I’d begun having some serious rashes from the disposable pads I was using. I had tried different brands and everything. It seemed like the more absorbent and thinner the pads were getting, the worse the rashes were getting. About the same time I was feeling distressed about this, I had also found a few communities on Livejournal through other friends… I had joined a community dedicated to vulvas and all that is related to them, and the other to discuss things that help live more natural lives. At some point, in one or both of those groups, I heard of menstrual cups and cloth pads, though my major focus was on this new concept of menstrual cups. I found additional communities for the cups and decided to get one. Not knowing if I had a latex allergy, I went with the Diva Cup from a local feminist website. I had some difficulty with inserting it, and now I know that it was related to my vulvodynia, but back then, it was just hard to insert, and so I set it aside. I resigned myself to the fact that I am, and will probably always be, a pad girl. I *scoured* the internet for all things cloth pads… brands styles, etc. I had pretty much narrowed my selections down to Glad Rags, Lunapads, and Wemoon pads. I did serious research on them all, working out cost and what to order and how I would take care of them. I emailed like crazy, and was so thankful to how helpful and patient Madeleine was with me, and all my really weird questions (though Wemoon were very helpful too… nothing bad to say about them). Glad Rags had been eliminated by then, so it was Wemoon and their AIO pads or Lunapads with the unique top liners. So I ended up ordering some pads I saw on eBay I liked.

One of the girls in a community had offered me some of the pads that she had made, that she was testing in preparation to sell on eBay, and wanted my feedback. So that was cool. And the owner of one website somewhere, no longer in existence, sent me some of the old Blue Moon mini pads for free (which was really, really cool!). She actually sent me 2 sets of 2, so 4 mini pads total. I received the test ones, and the eBay ones first, and then partially into my period, the Lunapads minis. This was back just before the last US election. I remember this clearly, because I was out with my husband and some neighbors, and we were working with a local political group to help encourage members of our party to vote in the upcoming election, because records had indicated they had not voted in the last elections. We had been walking our neighborhood and others. I had a nasty disposable pad on from work, as I had not wanted to test them at work, not knowing fully what to expect, however, when I got home from the walk, I immediately switched to one of the test pads. I felt amazing. It was my little secret. The tie between the values of the political party I was supporting, and the positive effect of wearing cloth pads was pretty strong, interweaved if you will. It just felt right.

I even made an entry in my journal. It was a fairly discreet post, but it was an outlet to my feelings at the time. The post is here.

That was the beginning. The test pads worked well, but the eBay ones didn’t work out so well, but luckily, my free Blue Moon minis arrived that day, and I switched to one immediately, and it was SUCH A DIFFERENCE. I was hooked at that time, and I looked into ordering more. I got the newly released Maxi Pad & Liner and Deluxe Lunapanties.

While I have tried other pads out there, none have held up the way that my Lunapads have. And I remain a firm supporter of Lunapads each and every day. I always carry one with me in my purse, in the event I get the opportunity to talk about it with someone. I defend and educate people about Lunapads. I have given some of my friends pads as gifts. I have been to the Lunapads office, in pilgrimage. And I will continue to do all I can to spread the word. It still amazes me that a product like Lunapads can have such an impact on me, yet it has, and I think that it is wonderful. Just like Lunapads. And the women behind Lunapads. 🙂

Heather M.
Maitland, Florida

[Note from the Lunagals: That lovely picture of Heather was actually taken about a block away from the Lunapads HQ!]

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  • Thanks for the post, Heather. Your visit to Lunapads was so wonderful, we had some great conversations and your hubby Chas was the most awesome male visitor; I still remember him saying “anything that makes her happy” (aww, what a guy!)
    You are both special to us and we are grateful to have customers like you raving about us!

  • suzanne

    heather, so sorry to have missed you when you came to visit us. thanks for your immense support. women like you make it worthwhile for us and keep us going strong!

  • Hey Sandra…as long as my pads are out of the sink when he has to shave in the morning, he’s cool. 😛 I need one of those primalmommy pad pots for the back of the toilet! Though I don’t know if I could lift a piece of pottery filled with 8 cups of water to the sink without dropping it, and I might forget my pads are in such a pretty thing too. 😛

    Hi Suzanne…I really wish I had the chance to meet you and Madeleine too. Our trip was so short, and I wished we could have seen and done more, but since we left little bits of our hearts in both Vancouver and Victoria, we will have to come back…we hope to make that more permanent, now that I got my updated birth certificate from Quebec. I have a hunkering for Noodle Box in Victoria! And eggs benny from Floyd’s diner! 🙂

    Take care, all of you. You are all wonderful! 😀

  • Terabanitoss

    You are The Best!!!