She Wore Red Today

The style of this piece was inspired by an amazing female friend of mine, she sometimes writes in third person to tell a story of something that happened to her. It is a different style, and one that she (and now I) feel to be therapeutic. The context was inspired by my period, so I guess you could call it period prose.

My periods have decided to go a bit wacky on me since I ditched hormonal birth control a year and a half ago. My cycles have been haywire with as little as 26 days long, to more recently, 80 days long. It is that cycle that inspired this post. After starting my period in April after not having one since January, I was ecstatic and thrilled. I suppose that this story, being told as it is, is to not just come out and say, “Hey everyone, I am bleeding, isn’t that wonderful?” because I respect that not everyone cares, frankly. But I was happy enough to want to share my feelings in an allegory, I suppose, even if it was partly fictional…to get my meaning across to those it was intended to get across to, and to fly over the heads of others that it was unimportant to. The story has sensual references, but it is not intended to be erotic in any fashion, but more to emphasize the body, and femininity, and the natural process. And everything we are.

She opened her eyes and gazed across the room at the two deep red porcelain elephants, the lights flickering all around them, soaking in the intoxicating exotic scents around her. She stepped out of the warm cocoon of water and wrapped a thick towel around her body. The water funneled and slowly left the tub. Still entranced, she sat down at her vanity, looking past her reflection in the mirror, not quite knowing what she was going to do next. Perhaps by accident or perhaps by destiny, out of the corner of her vision, she spotted a little pot filled with a deep rich red glossy liquid. She twisted the top off and dipped a finger into it, brought the finger to her lips, and traced them, filling them in with the stain. She dipped again and dotted a little on each cheek and blended in. She would remain looking flushed. Or maybe blushing? Did she have a secret to blush about? Then she paused, looking once again into the mirror, and then past it, then down at the towel she wore. She opened it a little and dabbed some more of the stain on her finger, and drew a line across the top of each breast…following her gentle curves and meeting each other in the center, and then, feeling a little more inspired, she dabbed a few dots, one below each other, between her breasts and continuing downward with the dots turning into a solid line below her bellybutton. She would wear red today. She would BE red today. Oh, it had been such a very, very long time since she last wore red! She smiled at herself, and went to her closet, finding a perfectly red linen dress, and feminine sandals to match. Nearly done, she went back to the vanity, and reached blindly into her jewelry box. When her hand withdrew, wrapped around her fingers was a necklace with a large glittering red pendant. She reached around her neck to secure the necklace, let her hair down, and took one last look in the mirror before she left. She was RED today!

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  • Ang

    I liked that a lot. third person writing is great therapy sometimes.

  • She who wore red

    Thanks. It just felt very right to write (like that). Heh heh.