Kids at Lunapads

As Madeleine alluded to in the job requirements for our ‘help wanted’ post, having an affinity for small children is an important criteria here at Lunapads. While maternity/paterinty benefits are quite good in Canada (a full year off with pay) unfortunately, busines owners like Madeleine and I don’t qualify! So, Madeleine and I have no choice but to simply bring our kids to work with us.

Here is Garret trying to work (or perhaps trash?) my printer/fax machine. He quite happily wanders around the office, visiting whomever he wishes. Sometimes he’ll gently pat you on the back to get your attention, or he’ll sneak under your desk and steal your shoes. What I love about Lunapads is that everyone pitches in to help keep an eye on the kids. Whether it is playing a game with them, letting them make a mess on your desk, or taking them to the park, Madeleine and I are truly grateful for the loving care our kids get at Lunapads. Thank you Lunagals!

Now that Aiden and Genevieve are older, they don’t come to the office on a regular basis. Aiden, who is usually in kindergarten or day care, will occasionally visit Lunapads when there is no school that day. He is eager to help pack up orders with Sandra, and hearing the banter between the two of them is priceless. I’ll let Sandra finish this post with some of the moments they’ve shared —


Well, as you can see that’s Aiden and I – choosing a Pink Poodle pad for one of the lucky ladies out there. I arrived at Lunapads when Aiden was as wee a lad as Garret is now, so it’s neat to see him growing up and going from messing up the liner bins to helping me pack the orders…and actually doing it well.

He really enjoys picking out the fabrics and has good taste! Say we have to do a ‘Mixed Dark’ Starter Kit – so he gets to pick out which dark fabrics we’ll use and get all the matching liners for each pad, then he has to reach up for the mesh bag all by himself and often when he gets the right thing he’ll jump up and down ‘black liner, black liner!’

He’s decided that the long liners are now to be called ‘longies.’ He’s very concerned about which colour Tsunamika doll you are all getting, sometimes trading the one with the yellow dress for the one with the red-striped dress…I’m not sure what the decision-making process is behind this but trust his judgement.

He also loves to put the little ‘L’ sticker on the tissue paper, taking great care that it’s neatly placed and then opens the envelope and helps me put the pads inside. The big envelopes are his favourite and if it were up to him you’d all have your orders shipped in the biggest size available! He then helps me push the tape down, puts the package on the scale for a ‘scaling’ and then runs it over to Lisa who will be entering them in the shipping system, shouting ‘here’s another order for you Lisa!’

Aiden has put off lunch to do ‘just one more order’ and we all joke that if his work enthusiasm keeps up at this pace he’ll be a great future employee – I have no doubt!

Of course, Garret sees his big brother helping and wants to help too, so Aiden spends some of his time laughing at how Garret ‘helps’ by tossing the liners around and then picking up after him (yep, Suzanne’s got some great kids) It’s very cute how excited they both get and makes work feel more like play.

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