Birthing & Mama Gatherings

Now that we have settled nicely into our new home, we are excited to be hosting several birthing and mama events in our community. When Amanda, Aimée and Sarah approached us see if they could use our office space on weekends and evenings, we were only happy to say yes.
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Amanda and Aimée are the dynamic doula forces behind LunaBirth and Adar Birth Services. They will be holding weekly and weekend intensive ‘Birthing From Within’ sessions at Lunapads. These childbirth classes allow parents to learn through interactive, creative activities that explore and validate their own knowledge in the spirit of fun and curiosity, while at the same time discussing non-biased, evidence-based information about pain-coping and labour management. (I took my Birthing From Within class with Sarah and really enjoyed it. It is a really great way to spend some quality time with your partner as you prepare for the big event.)

Sarah, one of the creators of Mama Renew is what I call a veteran mama. Sarah will be leading a Mama Renewal Group which will be made up of moms who are juggling family and work. They will be meeting at Lunapads for six monthly sessions, exploring how to reclaim, rebalance, and reconnect in our life as mothers via discussion, journaling, space for inner reflection, and much laughter and connection. When I first heard about Mama Renew, I was feeling desperate for some help in coping with the whole work-family balance act. Tearfully, I said to myself “I really need to join this group!”

We feel so proud to have created such a comfortable and functional space, and are glad that we can share it with like-minded women doing wonderful work in our community.

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