A different kind of period

This new campaign caught our eye for two reasons: first, the red dot/period reference, and more importantly, because it’s a great idea. Canadian readers, did you know that the junk mail that most of us receive is optional? Yes, that’s right – you can choose to make it go away (and by extension reduce how much of the stuff is printed in the first place, trees being cut down, etc). The Red Dot campaign is the brainchild of Vancouver entrepreneur Beth Ringdahl. We haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her, but will have an enthusiastic Thank You for her when we do. Oh – the Red Dot site also has a link to the Canadian Marketing Association’s “do not contact” list. Sign up for that, and you’ll have less junk phone calls along with a lighter mailbox 😉

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  • Hey you guys! My google alert just sent this my way. I wondered how soon before we would get cross-referenced. Tee hee!! You guys are awesome. I am also within the Social Venture community so we will meet up soon… Thanks for the coverage and good luck to both of us saving the world.. one red dot at a time…Beth