New Cycle Charts are here!

cyclechart1cropped.jpgWoo hoo! The brand-new super-gorgeous and of course highly practical Lunapads Cycle Charts are here! This new product is a fun and creative tool that offers insight into the unique patterns of your menstrual cycle. Whether you’re trying to predict the date of your next period, know when you’re ovulating, or just want to be more in tune with your body, we’re sure that you’ll find it useful and interesting.

The Cycle Chart has 2 parts: the Legend and the Chart. The Legend has four sections of symbols: “your period” for information about your menses and body, “your mood” to track emotions, “your fertility” for information related to fertility, and “your world” to note your external environment.


The Chart is a grid with two circles for each day: one to record the calendar date, and the other for a symbol chosen from the Legend (or make your own!) When used consistently for a few months, the Cycle Chart will reveal patterns that can lead you to a deeper understanding of your cycle…and yourself. Available now as a downloadable .pdf file or we’ll send you one in the mail.

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  • cherie

    I really love this chart- I’ve been keeping track for a year now and need to print a new one. This time, I’ll print two- one for flow/ cramps and one for emotions (I have a lot going on each month and need to keep track of it all!) Thank you for making this available and easy to use!