democracy for all?


There’s no shortage of election mania occurring on this continent, and Canada has now hopped on the bandwagon with a federal election set for October 14th.  I personally don’t find the Canadian political scene to be nearly as interesting as what’s unfolding in the US, but hey, at least it’s still due democratic process, right?  Not so fast: Elizabeth May, the leader of the federal Green party of Canada, is not being invited to participate in televised leaders’ debates.  The Greens are the party of choice for approximately 10% of Canadian voters, and are the only federal party headed by a woman.  Got a problem with female leaders who have an agenda of taking better care of the planet being excluded from public debate?  Thought you might.  Learn more here, and be sure to sign the petition.

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  • Morgan MW

    Not only is she not being invited to participate, the other candidates are actually threatening not to participate if she is allowed in!!