A Summer of pStylin’

orchard kitty & a bin of pears

Let me share a story with you…

This summer my boyfriend and I went to help our friend out with his newly ‘inherited’ orchard (he’s the 4th generation to run Parsons Farm Market.) We lived in an ancient little camper with our cat, Tabitha (isn’t she just too cute in a bin of pears?!) on the edge of said orchard, with no water hook-up. This orchard has a fruit stand which all the food we grew was sold out of – and of course being a public place there were bathrooms, which also served as our bathroom. However to get to the bathrooms from our camper at night you had to stumble down the road in pitch black, manage to scoot past the tractors and pallets, move around the bins of fruit, jump the large puddle at the end of the path – all while trying to hold those inane fears of ‘things that go bump in the night’ at bay.

This situation was less than ideal but luckily I had an alternative…the pStyle! An amazing little invention (much like the Diva Cup!) that gives one the freedom to pee standing up without undressing.

The pStyle is made of rigid plastic in a spout-like design and comes in a rainbow of colours (mine is lavender~) You can easily maneuver it into the clothes you are wearing…and then just let it flow baby! It has rounded edges that make it very comfortable on your ‘sensitive bits’ and a rounded back edge to wipe with so there are no drips! It is easy to clean by shaking vigorously or rinsing.

pStylin’ Sandra

I had tested the pStyle in the shower to get the hang of it, but hadn’t yet put it in to practice. But my bedtime bathroom stumble-down-the-path obviously wasn’t going to be something I could happily do each night and the idea of squatting in the tall, wet grass also didn’t appeal. So I turned to my pStyle, determined to make it work beyond the shower. I couldn’t believe how easy it was! You just hold it against yourself and pee, slide it forward to wipe off the drips and away you go. It was far better than squatting and made it so I could pee in plain sight of my boyfriend without exposing myself at all! And luckily there were sprinklers all throughout the orchard and the one near our camper would often drip the night after it had been shut off – so I used that to rinse my pStyle, though a good ol’ shake works just as well and you can simply clean it better next time you’re near a sink.

I am now a huge pStyle advocate (just as I am with reusable menstrual products!) as I can’t imagine my life without it. I’ve used it at outdoor concerts, gross bar bathrooms, camping, hiking, on road trips – even if there is an outhouse available I’ll sometimes choose to use my pStyle outside instead – it just feels more natural and then I don’t even need any toilet paper. I never leave home without it!

The photo is of me at Hope Slide on the way home from our summer at the orchard – my boyfriend snapped it without my knowledge and now I’m glad he did! I can use it to show you all how great (and easy) it is to pee standing up!

We are now happy reatilers of the pStyle and have even created our own Travel Pouch to go with it. The Travel Pouch features a nylon lining, elasticized drawstring with a secure toggle closure and is available in the same fun prints as our pads!

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  • Krista

    Thanks for sharing this Sandra – I love camping and road trips and I could definitely use a pStyle! How smart.

  • Sandra

    Thanks Krista – I’m happy to share! The pStyle is the best thing for us traveling/outdoorsy types…but I think every woman could use one at some point in her life. I plan on getting a pStyle for many of the women in my life~