Anna’s Cycle of Hope

Kenyan School Girls Our Goods 4 Girls campaign continues to inspire scores of women to help girls in Africa. The latest inspiration is Anna Hawfield who, upon reading about Loretta’s trip to Kenya (which is a very moving blog post) contacted Lunapads to see how she could help while volunteering for International Volunteer HQ. Anna will be distributing Lunapads Goods 4 Girls Kits through the help of Africa Youth Trust, a local NGO that has overseen similar projects in the past. Anna will be in Nairobi for 6 weeks starting in November. To stay on top of her trip, check out her blog here at Cycle of Hope.

Just before leaving for her trip, Anna joined a women’s networking group called SECT (Southeastern Connecticut Women’s Network) and attended a local meeting of the Mastermind Group. “The core purpose of the Mastermind group is to work co-creatively with women locally and globally to facilitate them with empowerment projects in their own lives and communities. Mastermind recognizes women as an underutilized resource in the world. When these women are supported to realize their potential the quality of life world wide improves.”

In just a few weeks, Anna and generous members of SECT raised over $1,500 to fund the purchase of over 50 Lunapads Goods 4 Girls Kits. Way to go ladies! We’re looking forward to getting an update from Anna when she arrives in Nairobi and updates the blog with her story and pictures.

We are so happy to see how the act of global community service is spreading among the Lunapads community and beyond. Please contact us if you want to participate or share your story.

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  • I’m so happy to hear that things are working out for Anna. Its exciting to know that a little story posted on your site inspired someone else to do that same. I know that after talking to the staff at AYT they were very excited to meet Anna and make yet another international connection to support young women in Nairobi

    Keep up the amazing work!!!!

  • Hi check this non profit charity organization A Broader View Volunteers , they offer 245 social & conservation programs in 25 countries working with many woman support programs and girls orphanages, programs run from 1 week up to 3 month,