Bringing Lunapads to Malaysia

Mia Bambina

I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to one of our international retailers, Sandra Rocco of Mia Bambina. Sandra says:

I’m Sandra the runner and owner of Mia Bambina. We are a family of 4: me, my husband Nikolay, our daughter Indiana, and our baby Maya. I’ve always had a passion for breastfeeding and baby wearing, and now my newest passion is cloth diapering. I got inspired by all the WAHMs out there, and other online shops in Malaysia as well. Sometimes I found it difficult to go out with a young baby and look for useful and unique baby items, but more importantly to be affordable and also to find more selection of modern cloth diapers here in Malaysia – that’s why we started Mia Bambina!

Lunapads are sold worldwide but Sandra is the first to bring them to Malaysia. She is a stay at home mom and works hard to bring quality cloth diapers and pads to her loyal customers…we are lucky to have her on board!

She recently started a blog to go along with her website.  To help encourage women to make the switch, she has a Lunapads give-away in honor of Chinese New Year! It’s only for women in Malaysia, but help spread the word about her shop and feel free to enter the contest if you’re eligible.  To enter the contest you just have to write a little blurb about why you want to switch to cloth pads – one woman who calls herself ‘giddy tigress‘ put a very cute little acronym that I thought I’d share with y’all…

And here’s why cloth menstrual pads are PERFECT for me:
P: pretty
E: environmentally-friendly
R: reusable
F: fun and funky designs
E: economical in the long run
C: comfortable
T: treats the body healthily

We couldn’t agree more!

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