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Lunapads and our generous customers have donated hundreds of pads to women and girls in developing nations in recent years, and we are now offering more ways than ever to help in our new Donate section.

Pads4Girls seeks to address the problem of girls in developing nations missing school due to a lack of adequate menstrual supplies.  Paying homage to Deanna Duke‘s original Goods4Girls project (sadly now defunct), we decided to keep the name simple as well as make it easy for anyone already aware of Goods4Girls to know that we are up to pretty much exactly the same thing.  Here’s a quickie fact sheet on the drastic difference that missing school can have on girls’ lives.  In comparison to the Always “protecting futures” campaign, Pads4Girls seeks to offer a more sustainable, environmentally responsible solution.

We had the recent pleasure of connecting with Sapna Dayal, Executive Director of Imagine1Day, a Vancouver based NGO (started by the founders of lululemon athletica) whose mission is to provide primary education for children in Ethiopia.

We are so encouraged by the growing public interest in helping girls in Africa. This week alone, we added 2 new organizations and are collecting Pads4Girls for communities in Uganda, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Ethiopia.  You can learn about each organization in the Donate section of our site, and we will continue to update our list of recipients as we connect with them.  The synergies of our common mission ~ to help keep girls in school and provide a more sustainable solution is incredibly exciting.  But this is just the beginning!  We are currently in the midst of bigger plans which include providing resources and training to allow the women in Africa make the pads themselves and create a source of income for their families.  We’ll tell you more about this in a future blog post as this project develops.

You can also choose to donate Maxi Pads for inclusion in Birth Kits being distributed by Shanti Uganda, a Vancouver based NGO helping women in rural Uganda .  And of course, cash donations can be made to support the purchase of  pads.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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  • I feel like Sapna and I are kindred spirits, since we were both trained as chartered accountants and realized that we were looking for more meaningful work in our lives. How wonderful for us to cross paths, as I’ve sometimes felt a bit lonely as a female accountant in the social mission field.

  • Thank you so much for keeping this worthwhile project going! It is good to see you carrying forward the vision and work that our ‘Crunchy’ blogger, Deanna Duke, started. Many thanks!

  • Diana

    Wonderful, Luna ladies! I’m so happy that this project is continuing, and I am so grateful that Lunapads knows that such projects are definitely worthwhile for a business to undertake. I will be a supporter. Thank you again.

  • Carrie-Jane Williams

    Thanks Sapna! So great to see more people doing this in different parts of Africa! 🙂

    – CJ of Afripads