the risks & rewards of being a ‘big’ business

A few months ago, Madeleine wrote a post about whether Lunapads is a big or small business.  There are certainly times when we feel pretty small in the grand scheme of things (“hello P&G, are we on your radar?”)  That said, we like to think big and more importantly, try to hold ourselves to a higher standard like the big companies do (or should do!)  When you are a small business, you can often fly under the radar for a lot of things.  As mentioned before, most home based cloth pad businesses get by without jumping through the regulatory hoops and expense of dealing with the FDA.  Most also don’t carry expensive product liability insurance.  But, we are serious about what we do and have our customers health and safety in mind.

hp So, when we found out that there was a safety risk related to our beloved Herbal Heat Pack, we acted as quickly and responsibly as we could.  Turns out, that with the variability in strength of microwave ovens, the heat pack can ignite and be a fire hazzard.  This was scary news to us, so we immediately contacted our insurance representatives, worked with our underwriters, our lawyers, and the federal health authorities to get the proper advice on what to do.  After wading through piles of paperwork, numerous phone calls and explanatory emails, we finally launched a full product recall of the heat packs by contacting all of our customers by email last Friday, instructing them to immediately dispose of the heat pack and offered a full refund (as well as a discount on future orders.)

We hoped that our customers wouldn’t be too upset and frustrated with this news and at worst, lose faith in us as a business.  Well, much to our delight, almost everyone who responded to our letter was extremely positive, with praise for our efforts and pledges of allegience to Lunapads. We feel this experience is a good lesson for businesses, big or small: doing the right thing, with integrity, and with the customer in mind is always the right choice and ultimately builds goodwill in the long run.  We are truly grateful to have such loyal customers and to be able to continue to love the work we do.

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  • sarah

    you know what? s**t happens. i still love lunapads!

  • As long as you think of the customers and you show and tell them you do it usually is fine with them.
    Everyone who “know” you (in a business way) know you always think of the customers.
    So how could anyone be angry or something like that?
    We’re all there with you!

  • I wasn’t upset by the recall e-mail; I really appreciated being told about it! I would never lose faith in Lunapads over something like this when it’s out of your control. I still adore my beloved heat pack and haven’t had any problems with it. :)

  • cherie

    I wish this wasn’t so- I wanted to order the heat pack, but definitely want to be safe so I understand. Better safe than sorry! Hopefully there will be an alternative to this in the near future.