In Praise of Doulas

Dear Lunapads,

Thank you so much for sponsoring our event! We had a great turn out and feel we’ve really opened a lot of eyes. The women in attendance absolutely loved the gift baskets and the door prizes were flying faster than we could put them out. Overall, it was a huge success.

Many women in attendance didn’t know what a doula was or the many benefits of hiring one to attend your birth. Some were skeptical that you could have a midwife safely attend your birth outside of the hospital setting.  More than a few women left the event with very important breastfeeding education and the encouragement to say “breast is best” and “I am going to try it this time around”.

Your support really means a lot to all of us in our small birthing community. When women are educated about their options and have the aid and tools to succeed, great things can happen. Many of these women now know that doulas and midwives are options available to them, and that breast really is best. Some will seek the care provided by the more natural side of the birthing year and beyond and others may not, but at least all of them left knowing they have other options available. If nothing else, they can pass this information on to another woman who may not know that these options are out there.

After all the work that was put into planning this event, I am very excited to tell you that it will not be the last! I am praying that we’ll have your support again for our next event and will keep you posted on our progress. I hope this event has brought your company business and I look forward to working with you again.

All The Best,
Jennifer Fitzpatrick
Better Birth Doula Services

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