Magenta Mandala is here!

We have been doing some new product development projects in the past few (well, several is actually more like it) months, and the first big project is now complete: our very own, first-ever, totally fabulous print organic fabric! Suzanne christened it “Magenta Mandala” after seeing my daughter’s Mandala coloring book on a recent visit to our home. Before I get into the rest of the story, a huge thank you is in order to all of you who have asked for print/color organic Lunapads over the years – thank you so much for your patience and encouragement.

We are extremely picky about our fabric choices, and finding the right fabric at the right price from the right people and place has taken some doing. We are very fortunate to have partnered with an extremely talented fabric print designer: Harmony Susalla from Harmony Arts, whose print “Eyes of the World” was adapted with custom colors for Lunapads.  Harmony’s inspiration for the print was “the centers of flowers, which can be so intricate. If you stop to take a close look.. a whole world often opens up.” A perfect fit for Lunapads, particularly if one reads flowers as “flow-ers”

Choosing the colors was a group effort, and in the end was a close call between magenta and a deep shade of lavender. I like to think of the colors as symbolic: magenta for female power, and green for our beautiful planet.  As for the color that got away, know that this is just the first of many of these wonderful fabrics: our long-term goal is to switch completely to organic cotton, so stay tuned.  Here’s a link to Harmony’s take on the project, just to round things out in the mutual admiration department.  All our organic Pads, Pantyliners, Kits and 3-Packs are on sale this month, so don’t wait to stock up and enjoy!

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  • Jennifer P.

    I love the new organic Magenta Mandala design. So glad I procrastinated ordering till today! I was intrigued and had bought the DivaCup/Pantyliner kit a few months ago and love them so much I decided to get a pad/liner set for myself. Unfortunately I ordered them too late for my current period — whoops! Here’s to many more happy months to come!

  • Jan

    Love the new fabric – my favorite color! May have to ask Joulupukki (Finnish Santa) for a gift certificate for Christmas and get some of these.