Do you ♥ your period?

Seeing the video below was the final push in getting around to writing a post that we have been talking about for ages.  For all that we’re about putting a “happier” face on menstruation, there has been some concern expressed that perhaps we make the picture seem a little too rosy, to the exclusion of the reality for many of us (myself included) that sometimes periods aren’t such a party after all.  “The Period Fairy” is a funny-in-a-painful-kind-of-way take on how unpredictable, inconvenient and painful menstruation can be.

To be clear, our slogan “Happier periods, naturally”, is intended as an affirmative counter response to a social climate where menstruation and menstrual products aren’t traditionally on the top of everyone’s “woo hoo – let’s talk!” list. The notion of negativity around menstruation reminds me of sexism in general – some people insist that it’s over, others that it’s dwindling in a glass-half-full sort of way, and still others are hopping mad at its current manifestations (see my previous post about menstrual activism!) In the sixteen years that I have been doing this I have seen everything from polite curiosity, to overwhelming joy, to abject rudeness as people’s reaction to learning about our work.

As I see it, we’re working to improve how women feel about their periods, both physically and emotionally.  We’re not trying to wave a magic wand (or pad!) and pretend that’s it’s all suddenly going to be perfect. Rather, we hope that by offering natural product choices and presenting a “happier” perspective about periods, women may develop a more positive connection with their bodies. Perhaps what’s become confused in this conversation is the idea that if we think differently about menstruation, it will automatically change the physical experience: that by doing away with shame, we will somehow also be able to do away with cramps, bloating and PMS.  While many customers claim that Lunapads and the DivaCup have eliminated their cramps, we make no such promises, and further are realistic about our products’ performance.

This brings me to another oft-debated slogan we use on our stickers: “I (heart) my period”.  What we are trying to express here is a simple proclamation of gratitude for our monthly cycles. Do I always love having my period? Not so much. On a deeper level, though, I totally love the feeling of letting go and starting again, of a personal, mysterious connection to the Moon, tides and seasons, of being part of an eternal sisterhood, and of course the gift of my daughter – that love and gratitude never leave me.

So, will using Lunapads or the DivaCup make your period “happier“?  We hope so.  How that actually manifests will be unique to each woman.  Some make the switch and subsequently discover a sacred new connection to their moontime.  Some will enjoy the quiet satisfaction of bypassing the “feminine hygiene” aisle in drug and grocery stores, while others will gain personal satisfaction knowing the reduced environmental impact they are having on the planet.  Here is a great example of what we are coming to call a menstrual “aha!” moment. Here’s another. And one more, for good measure!

Our primary goal at Lunapads is for women to feel accepted, respected and comfortable, which to me is a whole lot “happier” than the disposable experience of bandage-like products and endless waste and expense. What do you gals think? Does using Lunapads and/or the DivaCup make your periods “happier”?  Do you (heart) your period?

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  • Drea

    The Diva Cup and Lunapads make my period much happier!! Aside from feeling better that I’m not producing waste for landfills, I’m way more comfortable than I ever have been using tampons and disposable pads. Tampons *do* aggrivate my cramps, and diva cups can be left in for longer, so it’s a win-win. Also, disposable pads would cause irritation after a few days, which cloth pads do not. I also LOVE the new Lunapads design with less bulky fabric, they feel really comfy.
    <3 Drea

  • Sharna

    After two cycles with the Divacup and some Lunapantyliners, Yes, i do think they help make it happier.
    The one time i used a disposable pad (overnight) this last cycle, was the one time i leaked. It was so frusterating to wake up and see it had gone through my pj pants and onto the sheet and the bed. Like always, i felt icky and needed a shower straight away. The other nights i used my divacup and I didnt leak at all. The Joy in waking up and knowing your still clean and you didnt make a mess is something to treasure for me.
    Now i dont feel unclean or smelly, i love my period more. The only time i whinged this cycle was when i used my disposable pad and when i had cramps. Usually i whinge all the time, its uncomfortable, smelly, i feel dirty and showers dont fix the feeling.
    Of course its not perfect. I would love to get rid of the exhaustion and pain as well, but im realistic. Its how my body copes with it, i can just change how i respond.

  • When I talk to women about Lunapads, I tell them that having your period:
    – doesn’t have to be uncomfortable (think: no more icky, sticky plastic pads)
    – doesn’t have to be an environmental nightmare (14 billion pads, tampons and applicators are thrown into North American landfills every year, not to mention all the packaging!)
    – doesn’t have to mess with your health (disposables are often full of chlorine bleach and toxic dioxins)
    – can be a positive experience (after years of resentment or dread during ‘that time of the month’)
    By pointing out and removing some of the negative outcomes, and finding some positive ones, making the switch is truly worthwhile!

  • Monika

    I can honestly say I do <3 my period. Ditching tampons and pills has made it a million times better. Eating healthy, exercising etc has taken away any cramping or pain.

    I see my period as a time to remind me to take care and pamper myself. This is the time of the month I get to take bubble baths, get a pedicure and eat Ben & Jerry’s.

    I really do <3 my period!!

    Thank you for your AMAZING work!!

  • Olivia435

    i cant say that i love my period simply because the “period fairy” hasnt come to me yet !!!!

  • Elizabeth

    Switching to reusables has been one of the most incredible decisions I have ever made.  I used to hate my period.  For awhile I even tried to manipulate it with birth control so I would have it less often (SO glad I’m not doing that anymore).  I was a tampon girl for years, but decided to stop due to all the info I was getting about the risks (not just TSS).  But disposable pads were a lousy option.  I would chafe so badly that 3 days into my cycle I would have to bleed into “period panties” and pray it didn’t leak onto my clothes.  It sucked.

    Then came Lunapads.  Wow.  What a change.  So comfy, so CUTE, and so much better all around.  From the moment those cute pads showed up in the mail I couldn’t WAIT to get my period.  Um, okay, that hasn’t happened since I was 12 and still waiting for it to arrive for the first time.  Yeah, I WANTED my period.  It was an unbelievable feeling.

    Making the switch got me re-interested in my cycle.  I started to research women who celebrate their cycles, the importance and significance of it, and I found that I began to enjoy my cycles a little bit more each month.  Now I can honestly say that I love my period.  I love experiencing the changes and the cleansing feeling I get knowing that everything is working as nature intended.  It doesn’t hurt that my cramps decreased immensely once I switched, and it’s nice to pamper myself with Lunatic bars, Flirt bars, Lunabalm, ice cream, and extra sleep and loafing around the house!  It’s amazing.

    Sorry for rambling, but I really do <3 my period now.  Thank you Lunapads- you made it possible!