Meet Sara (alumnus)

I suppose I should take the time to introduce myself before another year flies by! I’m the youngest of three and grew up in a small suburb outside of Vancouver. My mum, an avid crafter and quilter, introduced me to the world of creative and I knew at a very early age what my passions were.

I attended the Emily Carr University, formerly the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, immediately after high school and began to experiment with textile-based work and feminist thought. After graduating and taking some time off from art making I am now stitching and drawing up a storm!

While at school I was introduced to The DivaCup by a dear friend and found that it completely changed the way I felt about my cycle, so I started to recruit other ladies to try the cup. After many years of using reusable feminine products I was introduced to Suzanne and Lunapads through a mutual acquaintance and immediately fell in love with the whole team here. I’ve been here now for almost a year and love every minute of it!

Some fun facts about me – I really love the colour turquoise, I’m almost blind without my glasses, I’m allergic to purple food, I’m a Mac geek, I’ve been called a Tetris savant, I print all in capitals, I have a purple walrus tattooed on my wrist, my cat doesn’t have tail, I love vintage furniture and I make a pretty rad yam and garlic soup!

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  • Purple walrus! :D That is awesome!

  • elif

    this is wonderful! in fact, the wonderfulest! you just made my day and i’m glad i made your day quite a long time ago.