New handkerchief fabric & products!

As mentioned in a recent post, Lunapads’ “organic transition” is officially underway. Shaking things up in the fabric department has brought about the opportunity to introduce some other new fabrics, which brings me to our latest addition, 100% organic cotton sateen. Just the sound of the word “sateen” tells you a lot about this fabric – it’s light, smooth and cool to the touch.

The new fabrics have also acted as a catalyst to my designer brain, and I’m thrilled to announce some great new products. We have been making organic flannel handkerchiefs for years, and the sateen lends itself to the same purpose wonderfully, making an already soft and eco-friendly alternative to disposable tissues fabulous to boot! When I was testing the new fabric hankies I found myself collecting them in one of our Luna Pouches in my purse, and decided to make a simplified pouch for the hankies, allowing you to easily stuff clean ones back in the bag post-laundering. Check out our new Hanky Packs, which contain 3 10″x 10″ handkerchiefs in a matching pouch (pictured).

I’ve long admired the Japanese tradition of furoshiki, or cloth gift wrapping, and thought that given its light weight, luxurious feel and gorgeous prints, the sateen might also work well for a Lunapads version. To that end, we’ve created 2 versatile sizes of “Lunashiki”: the smaller, 18″ square size doubles as a dinner napkin, and a larger, 24″ size that also works as a handy bandanna, in additon to being stylish and responsible ways to wrap gifts. These products all make great gifts themselves, and are 10% off this month!

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  • JB

    Do you still offer any flannel handkerchiefs? Are the cream ones the same soft material as your cream pads, or are they the “sateen” as well?

  • Hi JB,
    We definitely still have the flannel handkerchiefs. Just choose cream from the drop-down menu.