A Preteen Guide to Lunapads

Jeannette wrote to me recently as a concerned mom who hopes that Lunapads will help her daughter have an easier period. Read on for their story, and our recommendations:

This is actually not for me, but for my 10 year old daughter.  She started menstruating recently and it really upsets her.  We are looking for something that is natural, environmentally friendly and won’t irritate her skin.  Also, regular pads can be loud and embarrassing.  I want her to feel like a goddess – not a slave to plastic!

Her period is 3 days heavy, 3 nights heavy, and 2 days light.  She is currently using Always overnights.  No matter what, she leaks through, and often out of the back of her undies and onto her bed.  We are too paranoid this early into her period to go lighter than overnights at any stage in her cycle.  Mine was very unpredictable when I was a kid, so we err on the side of caution.

The Lunapads Rx

The uncertainty that comes with those first periods can really contribute a lot of anxiety to an already complex time in life. Jeannette’s daughter has a heavier flow and, like many new menstruators, she’s pretty nervous about leaks. To feel secure, she’s using overnight pads throughout her period.

While we typically recommend our smallest/shortest pads for young people, our 10″ Maxi Pad & Insert and 12″ Long Pad styles may be more appropriate in this case.  The added length of these 2 styles should help Jeannette’s daughter feel confident that she won’t have any more of those back-of-the-undies leaks.  As with all of our Kits, we have sent both Wing and Basic Insert styles, so she can give each a spin and decide which style she prefers.

As an added bonus:  you’ve probably never known a quieter, comfier pad. With Lunapads, the ultra-thin leakproof barrier is sandwiched between soft layers of fleece and flannel. You can’t hear it, and no one else will either.

Another option to explore is period underwear! What many LunaUndies fans cite as their favourite aspect of our underwear is the simple, no-fuss comfort and security they provide.  Wearing breathable, light absorbency LunaUndies for everyday, or keeping a spare leakproof pair in your bag or locker means you’re less likely to find yourself in a potentially awkward situation should your period sneak up on you unawares. Carry a couple Inserts with you and you’ll be covered for the rest of the day.

Choosing the right supplies for your period is a totally personal process. Your reusable period toolkit will be fine tuned over time and with experience — the hardest and most rewarding part is just taking the leap and going for it. Jeannette really wasn’t sure where to start, so we’ve sent her daughter a few of our recommendations to try. If you’re feeling stumped too, send us an email, find us on live chat, or give us a call. We can help you make the right product choices for your body, flow, needs and budget.

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  • This is SO awesome! I really, really hope I can convince my step-mom to introduce my little sister to Lunapads when she gets her period. This post was a huge wake-up call for me seeing as my little sister is 10 years old! I’m going to start educating her about the what/why/how in advance to get her on board 🙂

    Kudos to you Jeannette for introducing your daughter to Lunapads! I know that it would have made a huge difference for me during this time.

  • Telula

    I know that Lunapads and DivaCup are friends and often will promote each others products. But there are some Menstrual Cup companies (such as the Meluna) which make cups designed for young girls and teens. So there are some other options out there for when she is ready to use one.

  • Radioactive Duck

    I’m so happy to hear Jeanette is looking into Lunapads for her daughter at the beginning. With traditional pads I always leaked and ruined my favorite undies. After the initial learning curve of when to change the liners I no longer have an issue with Lunapads. As for Lunapanties I wear the four pairs I have (two old version briefs, two new version hipsters) every week.

    I have tried to get my sister (who just had a baby in May) and mother on board but they are living with period shame. When i visited my bff recently and gifted her with a MeLuna menstrual cup (whether or not she wanted it I left it for her–the company had sent me two sizes to ensure i got the right size, overseas shipping).

    I have (to the horror of my family) become the “kid” who asks for gift certificates for LunaPanties and LunaPad pantyliners for Christmas.

  • I started around her age as well and was one of the first of my friends. My periods SUCKED. I had horrible cramping and a very heavy flow. I only wish I had, had Lunapads then. They are great! This is TMI my I’m wearing one right now. I think your daughter will love them.

    If she is having trouble with cramps as well feel free to e-mail me at retrohousewife05(a)gmail(dot)com and I can pass on some natural ways to help cramps.

  • susan throssell

    I started my periods at 10 too, the first of all my friends and I absolutely hated them. lunapads are a great contradiction to those feelings as they are soooo pretty and soft and comfortable and safe feeling, (the complete opposite to how I felt about my periods). I only wish that I had found them 25 years earlier!!! Good luck, you really can learn to love your periods 🙂

  • Jeannette, that’s great that you have chosen to use Lunapads for your daughter! I wonder if the Lunablanket would also be helpful for your daughter at night? I know that my flow is heavier at night, and when I used to wear pads at night, I would always worry about leaks.

    I didn’t start using Lunapads products until I was a little past my college years – better late than never, though. 🙂 I think that if I had used Lunapads when I was a teen, it would have helped me to see that menstruation is a normal, not gross, part of a woman’s life. It probably would have helped me to become more “green” at an earlier age. And I would have liked not having to worry about the plastic crinkling noises!

  • Penny

    I actually started my period when I was 9 and I only WISH I had had lunapads! I was the only girl I knew who started that early and I didn’t want anybody to know! I always thought people could tell and could hear the plastic noise- and what to do when it gets all bunched up and uncomfortable? I haven’t had any of those issues with lunapads. I don’t have a daughter yet but if I ever do this is what I will start her with lunapads when it comes time for that.
    I actually did have a cup when I was about 13 but I didn’t have anybody to tell me you need to twist it- so it never worked and I got frustrated and gave up. Also I’m not sure what size I had- maybe if I had had the correct size it would have been easier as well.

  • I think if I’d have had Lunapads at 13, when I started my period, it would have made a huge difference in a few areas. Firstly, the cramping for myself was and still is such a big issue that I have to take time off from school and use heavy doses of morphine. As a young girl, this was pretty traumatic for me. Just having the joy of something pink and purple would have made such a HUGE difference. But wait, there’s more. I’m allergic to the plastic in Always and Kotex, etc., yet, I sleep more than eight hours because of the pain medication’s effective of drowsiness. So, for years, I had to either bear the burden of worrying about TSS, or endure the itchiness of the disposable pads, or else sleep with special “period towels” all bunched up under me, which I often rolled off of, staining my mattresses.

    Lunapads has changed ALL of that! I can wear a pad that catches all of the flow through my drowsy 12 hour nights and I don’t suffer any itchiness or redness, and they stay in place, unlike towels, so the bed stays neat! Wow! What a difference. My life has changed. I’m 24 now, and started Lunapads at, 22 I believe. If I’d had them at 13+, my teen years would have been much more endurable. Both me and my mother thank you guys. My mom would like me to say that she thanks you for helping solve her daughter’s difficult menstruation problem, which, for so long, there was no site of any solution. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    By the way, if anyone has any tips for severe cramping (as in, causing crying and having to be carried due to inability to walk – and no, it’s not endometriosis, just a very unusual condition of cramping) please send any tips to my blog address, leaving them as comments. (The comment link is small, and at the top, below the design, below the entry title, but above the beginning of the entry). Thanks. https://blog.hellokitty.com/somethingsweet

  • Jeannette

    All of your comments are making me so misty-eyed! Thank you! My daughter and I are trying to be as “natural” as we can without going to extremes. This is one of our first stops and we are so excited. We were absolutely devastated when she got her period a year ago. I have had nothing but issues (fainting, vomiting, debilitating cramps) and I dreaded the same for her. It really breaks my heart to hear her say “Life SUCKS!” whenever she wakes up with her period.

    @Crystal: If Lunapads were around as a kid, I most definitely would have been better off. And when my little sister started her period I have her a basket of things that she would need: pads, Midol, a puberty book, stuffed animal, etc… I would have loved to give her a basket of Lunapads!

    @Telula: Thank you for your comments! I’m sure there will come a time when she’s ready to try a Diva cup, so it’s good to know there are lots of options! Thank you! 🙂

    @Radioactive Duck: I think it would be awesome if Marcella wanted Lunapads for Christmas! It would make shopping easier! 🙂 Right now she wants a dollhouse! She’s growing up biologically but she’s still such a little girl! *sniff*

    @Lisa: I will FOR SURE take you up on your offer! She never complains much about her cramps b/c she’s afraid to take Tylenol, and I don’t really know anything other than conventional meds that would help her cramps!

    @Susan: Thank you so much for your comments! I’m still kind of nervous but we are both so interested that we are more excited than anything! She’s got permanent scarring on the insides of her thighs from the irritation the pads give her, so this is so awesome! We were so confused as what would be best for her and now we will find out for sure!

    @Iris: She has leaks enough to make it awful, so she uses a quilt I made her to sleep on. Before that we were using towels and that was just pointless! I do like the blankets they have on the site, and if she wants one, she can have one! 🙂 A really cool thing about my rugrat is that she’s very much into conservation. She’s in a Middle School that specializes in animals and environmental issues. We are *so* into it that we’ve switched to soapnuts for laundering and all natural handsoap and shampoo…we’re going vegetarian as well! This is such an amazing part of our journey and we are super excited!

    @Penny: One of my best friends started at 9 and I was terrified to get mine. Luckily I was nearly 13, but when that happened (in school during exams, booo) I thought my life was over. I had such a misconception about my period and I thought it meant I couldn’t be a kid anymore. I hope to avoid that with my daughter.

    @Natalie: Goodness, you have suffered!!!! I’m glad that you are able to get some relief!!! I hope that someone can help you with your cramping. That is just the worst feeling in the world. *hugs*

    Again, thank you all so much for your comments! And thanks to Lisa and the gals at Lunapads for this amazing opportunity! 🙂 I’ll let you all know how it goes!

  • I haven’t recieved my own lunapads yet, but i have two younger sisters I would like to introduce lunapads to, if my own experience is a success. 

    I had horrible crampings during my period at that age, and still do. And I hate the plastic feel of disposables. Looking forward to getting these myself, and then introduce the concept for my younger sisters who hopefully have not yet gotten their first period.