o.b. Drops the Ball

It's time to let go of your favorite Tampon

Some of you may have noticed all the hullabaloo about the shortage of o.b. tampons in drugstores across North America. It seems that in addition to discontinuing their highest absorbency tampon, the applicator-less brand is undergoing a mysterious “manufacturing update”, meaning that the entire line of o.b. tampons is out of stock until an undetermined date in 2011. I guess o.b. forgot that people who have periods tend to have them once a month!

Before I became a devout DivaCup and cloth pad user, o.b. was my tampon of choice and I know I would have been seriously bummed if I couldn’t get a hold of any.  Ladies are so desperate that o.b.s are being sold on Ebay for upwards of $100 a box! Sheesh, and people complain that reusables are too expensive?!?

There has been a distinct lack of explanation from Johnson & Johnson, the makers of o.b. tampons. As usual, whenever a company fails to tell their story themselves, folks are left to do their own research to figure out what’s going on. A number of wild theories are being thrown around about the reason for the tampon shortage, including possible manufacturing contamination or FDA complaints regarding the safety of the products.

Whatever the cause of the shortage, o.b. users are understandably, quite upset. A slew of comments on WritetheCompany.com reveal just how upset some of them are. A campaign has even been started to ‘girlcott’ all Johnson and Johnson products until the o.b. ultra tampon is brought back.

We’ve decided to take the campaign one step further and encourage women who menstruate to boycott o.b. tampons FOREVER by making the switch to The DivaCup. A number of women upset by the o.b. shortage already have and with excellent results. You can read their stories here and here.

As if there weren’t already an absolute tonne of reasons to avoid tampons of any stripe, the fact that you might not even be able to buy the ones you need, make the idea of a product like the DivaCup seem all the sweeter. With a reusable option you can’t run out! You are in complete control of the management of your flow, instead of being at the whim of some faceless corporation and their wacky manufacturing decisions.

Now most of our readers already know this and are probably DivaCup and Lunapad users already. But remember kids, friends don’t let friends use tampons! So go forth, spread the word to your friends. Tweet about it, post it on your Facebook wall, your friends and their vaginas will thank you for it.

To add a little more sugar to your bowl, we’re offering $5 off the DivaCup and all other products on Lunapads.com with Promo Code OBWTF plus if you order from now until midnight, Wednesday December 29th your order will ship for free within North America.

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  • Wow, good opportunity to get out there and spread the word about the diva cup! o.b. was my tampon of choice too… until I switched to a diva cup and lunapanties a few months ago 🙂

  • Krista

    OBWTF – best coupon code EVER! 🙂 Well done. I too was an OB user until about 4 years when I fortunately made the switch to the Diva Cup.

  • Janny

    So that’s why they were out! Interestingly, my friend uses a DivaCup during the day and the ultra OB at night because of her super heavy flow. I know she would love to only use the DivaCup if it worked out for her. I have to say, my life is easier not having to worry about stocking issues, now it’s just laundry issues. =)

  • Shauna Kennedy

    I think it’s great what you are doing here, and offering a discount on your fine product – I have used the DivaCup myself for a couple of years now, but I will honestly (and sadly) say that for me, personally, it has not been adequate for the first few days of my period (I am in perimenopause, and my flow is quite extreme, with a lot of um…you know….which just makes it slip right out during that time, unfortunately.
    As a Canadian, I’m appalled at what I see happening in the US, with o.b. steering women towards therapy or drugs they stand to profit from, and taking away a product from the demographic that *made* them a trusted brand for more than three decades. Now that my generation is getting older and moving into menopause, they are trying to bleed us dry – they take away the Ultras, which we need during this time (and which I am sure have been experiencing an increase in sales), leaving us no choice but to use *more* of their less absorbent product, or consider their drugs or therapy – either way, they figure they will profit from us more than they would have (since I imagine in about 5 or so years, we’ll have all hit menopause and have no need for their products at all). And isn’t it convenient for them to have a group of women as their ‘guinea pigs’ who represent the least risk of liability to them, since they can argue that any of the side effects of the drugs or therapy we may experience are just the result of our ‘aging’ bodies.
    I am glad today’s generation has better options than mine did, and I sincerely wish I could say I was able to use your product exclusively, as I am sure many healthy young women do.
    Keep up the good work – I am proud of the fact you are a Canadian company, and I hope that by sticking my neck out regarding this issue, I am showing solidarity for a common cause – I have a daughter of my own nearing the age of menstruation, so I am deeply committed to ensuring she will receive good information and safe, environmentally-concsious products pertaining to women’s health.

  • Tammy

    Actually, I hadn’t noticed the shortage. The articles are what made me aware of it. I’ve been using LunaPads for at least five years and have never looked back. When my daughter began menstruation, it was natural to offer her LunaPads. She is very happy with them, as well, and it’s good to know that she will not have to deal with the hassles of disposables.

    I did a bit of research into the therapy options that are being offered through the OB website (they tell you that you are leaving their website for someone else’s…). This therapy carries a risk of uterine abruption. It doesn’t say it is counter-indicated for those who have had c-sections, but that is one of the reasons the docs steer us away from VBACs, isn’t it? It is counter-indicated for those who have had tubal ligations. Hmm…how many of us who are perimenapausal have had either (or both) of those? This is fishy business, and I don’t like it.

    Thank you, LunaGals, for your work, and for giving me and my daughter better choices for our bodies and our health.

  • Shauna Kennedy

    Something I just thought of as a really good idea for tampon manufacturers (or Lunapads) to develop is a RE-USABLE tampon applicator! Then, they could include ONE in their box of product, that could be washed after use and re-used, thereby getting around any stupid patents that are preventing other manufacturers from developing an applicator-free tampon!!
    Get on it!

  • Xalk

    options for UID user? apparently zero.
    Tampons are pretty fail 🙁

  • Xalk

    that would IUD 🙂 hehe ^^

  • I completely encourage women to try the Diva Cup, and what a great coupon code to do so. I love mine for health, financial, comfort, and memory purposes (meaning I never have to remember to get anything from the store.) It truly is sad when we fully realize what our bodies are absorbing from these truly toxic tampons.

  • I just ordered my DivaCup after actually calling my husband while I was in the store, “Um, hon, do a favor for me and look up if there had been some sort of recall on ob tampons?” And we found out about the shortage. Forget that! I’d been *thinking* about making the switch for years, this just gave me that little extra kick in the butt to do so!

  • Cindy

    What a wonderful idea.
    I have been a cup user for 2 years. And also a cloth pad for back up. Thanks so much

  • Michelle Motherway

    Awesome coupon code!!! I laughed so hard when I read that – and so did my husband when I told him.
    Bought your DivaCup a few months ago. Haven’t looked back. I’ve been using your products for over five years now and am glad I kept using them every month until I got the hang of them.

    Great work, ladies. Keep it up!

  • Kristy

    Hmmm… I have some leftover ob tampons under my sink that I haven’t touched for years… maybe I could make a buck on ebay… 😉

    I’ve been using the Keeper and then the Diva Cup for 11 years total now. I’m glad I don’t have to worry about all that disposable hassle.