8 reasons to ditch o.b. for the DivaCup

  1. If you’re using applicator-less tampons already, you’re a prime candidate for The DivaCup. You already have the self-knowledge and are comfortable enough with your body to insert something manually. For most menstrual cup users, that’s half the battle right there!
  2. If you prefer o.b. because there’s no applicator and hence less waste, consider this: approximately 20 billion pads, tampons and applicators are sent to North American landfills annually! The average menstruating North American will throw away 125-150kg or 16,800 disposable pads or tampons in their lifetime. With the DivaCup there is no waste! You can reuse the same menstrual cup for years with proper care.
  3. It’s non-absorbent, which means it won’t dry you out. Tampons absorb the protective fluid produced in the vagina and can disrupt its normal acidic environment — which can potentially lead to all sorts of problems.
  4. The DivaCup is made from top quality, healthcare grade silicone, which is phthalate-free, latex-free, plastic-free and BPA-free. Do you know what’s in your tampon? https://safecosmetics.org/downloads/FemCare_fs_022411.pdf
  5. With the DivaCup, you will never run out of menstrual supplies. You’ll have the only item you need and it will last at least a year. Aside from saving you a ton of money, you’ll never have to go on late-night drugstore runs or canvass your coworkers for a spare pad or tampon.
  6. The DivaCup is great for those with heavy flow.  It can hold a full ounce, which is about twice as much as the highest absorbency o.b. (the now discontinued o.b. ultra tampons)  so not only will you be able to go longer between changes, you won’t have to worry about sudden leaks!
  7. It works for all flows, from light to very heavy. The DivaCup cup can be safety left in for up to 12 hours, whereas tampons must be changed every 4-6 hours to avoid the risk of TSS.
  8. You’ll never be at the whim of mysterious corporate “manufacturing delays” and empty shelves again. The DivaCup is available at many retail locations and all over the internet. Once you buy it you won’t have to depend on anyone but yourself to have adequate menstrual protection.

Are you convinced yet? The DivaCup is available on Lunapads.com and it’s on sale too boot!

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  • Waaaay more comfortable than pads or tampons! I’m currently using it for the first time and it’s great!

  • Beth

    I’ve had mine for almost a year and love it. I don’t miss the pain (literally) of tampons!

  • Denise

    Had mine for just over a year and a half and I don’t even really notice its there. Super comfortable, easy to use and its almost like my period doesn’t even exist. It is definitely on my top ten best inventions ever list.

  • J

    I love the diva cup but I find that for my 1 heaviest day it does not do the trick 🙁 Other then that it’s the best thing I have ever purchased!

  • T.C

    so with the DivaCup… what happens if you are in public and you need to “change”… now what? sounds like a “bloody mess” to me…

  • Love my DivaCup! It took a bit of practice to insert it correctly, but now I don’t even feel it.

  • J: How so? For heavy flow, you’ll definitely need to remove and reinsert your DivaCup more frequently. Have you tried using a cloth pantyliner for back-up on your heaviest day?
    T.C: We recommend bringing a moistened paper towel, peri bottle or wysi-wipes into the stall with you to clean your hands, if necessary. If you’re worried about spills, just practice removing your cup upright at home, and position your body squarely over the toilet when in a public restroom. With a bit of practice, there’s really no need to worry.

  • Sharna

    TC – I usually just tip it into toilet paper and give it a little wipe to remove some left on it and reinsert. I prefer to only do that no more then two times in a row. We went camping overnight and so i removed it, went out of the cubicle to wash it, then went back in. Other people were there, but i didnt get any looks.
    With spills, i discovered menstrual fluid (at least mine) isnt as watery as i first assumed. I thought it could splash and cause a huge mess easily. While it can tip out and cause a mess, it basically never happens (unless you stop looking at it and somehow tilt it on its side.

    I love knowing the rate of my flow more accurately. I know on an average day, i can leave it in x amount of hours. When im out i know if i need to empty it or not.
    I like not having the awkward moment at another persons house where i had to dispose of my pad.

  • Lisa Buysse

    I absolutely love my diva cup. I would not go back to anything else. Periods are a non issue for me now. It is easy to use once you try it a few times, discreet, can stay in longer than tampons, helps the environment, and of course, so much better for your body. It has changed my period. Love it and would highly recommend it!

  • G

    TC – I keep moist wipes w/me at all times, esp. when I know I have to change in a public room. Depending on whether it is crowded or not, I will tip it out and wipe it down w/moist wipes and reapply no more than 1x/day. If there’s not a crowd (ie, someone in line waiting for my stall), after tipping it, I will go out and rinse it out in the sink. It is actually MUCH more discreet than dealing with tampons, if you can believe it, because the only thing you need is baby wipes or moist towlettes – no more jumbo ‘pons or pads to spill out of your bag a la The Breakfast Club…

  • Steph

    So if i understand correctly, the DivaCup doesnt sit as far in as tampons? Because thats the thing i hate about tampons; how ridiculously high they sit, like why do they need to be way up there?? (almost painful really, but that could just be me not putting them in right)

    • Julie Wednesday Strange

      Cups sit (o) around the cervix. That’s a fact menstrual cup companies just choose to ignore, for whatever reason, but still a fact well known to users. How it would stay nicely low if there’s room above, in a slick, moist environnement is beyond me. Youc an’t keep it there even if you tried. That being said, the Divacup is one of the longest cups available, so it has a higher chance of the base sitting low than others, if it fills up the whole room. It also has a chance of being way too long and painful for people with a shorter vagina. We’re all different.

  • Steph,
    The base of the DivaCup sits about an inch or so inside the vagina, so you aren’t inserting it as high as you would a tampon. That being said for some women, the cup can sit a little further in than for others. It all depends on your particular anatomy.

  • Brisa6

    Hi! The link in point 4 needs to be updated to this: https://safecosmetics.org/downloads/FemCare_fs_022411.pdf
    Thanks for the info!

    • All fixed! Thanks, Brisa6!

  • Courtney

    Such a good idea. Tampons make me dry and uncomfortable. 🙁

  • Anastacea

    Any suggestions on how to change it without getting your hands messy?  I’ve been using it for a while, and LOVE the fit and lessened environmental it has over tampons, and will keep using it regardless, but the mess on my fingers is almost too much for me to handle :/ 

    I do love G’s suggestion below about carrying wipes, and will definitely do this going forward.  A reusable applicator of some sort (that can be cleaned with wipes) would be so wonderful, though.  Something like a little plastic hook device so you don’t have to get your hands messy.  Does anything like this exist?

    Thank you!

    • Lisa

      Hi Anastacea,
      Definitely second G’s suggestion of taking wipes into the stall with you. Here’s a video we made a few years ago about changing your DivaCup in a public restroom, using a peri bottle and wysi wipes: https://youtu.be/NI4UYw0kRs4

  • Mae-Lin

    Are menstrual cups a viable option for me? I am a virgin, had a menstrual cycle for 5 years and only used tampons on a handful of occasions, I normally use pads.  I find that tampons make me feel really ill with my period so I don’t use them, but will I be able to insert a menstrual cup? They seem so much bigger than tampons.

    • Lisa

      Hi Mae-Lin,
      Everyone is so unique, so it’s really hard to say. Being a virgin is no reason to rule out a DivaCup, though. With that said, it *is* an internal product, so if you’re uncomfortable with that particular aspect of tampons, you may have some trouble getting comfortable with The DivaCup.

      As far as size goes, The DivaCup is folded before use, which makes it much smaller and easier to insert. It will open up once it is inside you, but because The DivaCup is non-absorbent, it feels quite a bit different than a tampon. The DivaCup will actually warm up and soften with your body heat, whereas tampons can dry you out, and feel really uncomfortable if your period is light.

      Here’s our DivaCup 101 video: https://youtu.be/Gdmq73ZogVU and our DivaCup FAQ: https://lunapads.com/tips-and-advice/divacup-overview

      Hope that helps!

  • Kylink

    I have decided to try out the diva cup but it is SO painful to put in. Why is that? I’m a virgin so that’s why I think, but I almost feel like it won’t fit regardless. Any ideas or tips?

    • Sarah

      One thing that’s always really helped me is to make sure it’s damp before you put it in – I always run mine under the tap and make sure it’s super saturated. It seems to add a little extra lubrication that makes it easier to insert.

    • Julie Wednesday Strange

      If you’re still having trouble, come ask questions on menstrual-cups.livejournal.com

  • Valerie Finnigan

    The diva cup proved to be much more than a convenient, inexpensive, and waste-free alternative to pads or tampons. In my case, it proved to be a useful diagnostic tool for this former menorrhagia patient. Instead of guessing based on the number of pads or tampons soaked, I could more precisely measure the amount and rate of blood loss. This made the diagnosis and treatment plan much easier for me and my doctor.

  • Eleaja

    I’m from India, I’ve only recently heard about the menstrual cup, well, in a not so pleasant manner, thus making me fear the sort of embarrassing horror mentioned on Youtube. But having looked further into the various makes and how they might possibly help me personally as well the environment, has got me to consider trying it out. Only problem so far is: the ones available on ebay india cost more than my phone!! We have shecup, but no one has contacted me so far in regard to my requests, which is very disappointing. >:(

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  • julie

    can you go swimming with it?

  • Allyson Smith

    Just want to add how much I love the Diva cup! I recently made a doctors appointment for pain every time I used a tampon. My doctor found an ulceration on my vaginal wall from using tampons caused by the bleached cotton irritating the mucosal tissue. Since using the Diva Cup for 3 months now, I have no more pain and everything is back to normal! It has also saved me money since I no longer run to the store needing tampons. I will never use tampons again!