Goddess moon cycle jewelry is here!

Crescent Moon Necklace

I have always loved the idea of having a secret (or not so secret) signal or ritual around having my period. In the past, I have worn red, indulged in pedicures and written cryptic notes to my girlfriends to subtly highlight my menstrual state.

Over the years that Nikiah Seeds has been a dear friend, colleague and supplier we have had numerous conversations about honoring our cycles. Nikiah is, among other gifts, an entrepreneur, Celebrant, Priestess, Doula and artist. When she decided to sell Mama Goddess Birth Shop to pursue her career as a jeweler, blogger and ritualist “dedicated to the awakening of feminine mysteries through offerings of art, sacred tools, and ceremonies” I asked her about creating jewelry that our customers could wear to celebrate our “inner Goddesses”, as manifested in our fertility cycles.

It’s here, and it’s gorgeous! Using a special process to create sterling silver crescent moons, and using semiprecious stones including red garnets and moonstones, Nikiah hand-makes these truly precious ways to honor womanhood. Red garnets have special energies known to be associated with the divine feminine, and are also carry grounding energy that can help us to fully understand our truth worth and help us on our path.

Since ancient times the moon has long been a symbol for feminine energy which makes sense since its cycle around the earth takes approximately the same amount of time as the average woman’s menstrual cycle 29-31 days. I have visited Nikiah’s studio and can assure you that all of her work is infused with love, respect and sacredness. Choose from 4 necklace and 1 bracelet styles.

Gift-giving ideas for these fabulous pieces:
•     Give one as a gift to the young woman in your life to celebrate her “First Moon”
•    If you are a man who would like to  give a special gift why not give one of these special pieces to the woman or daughter in your life?
•    These make beautiful gifts to any woman you care for as a celebration of Sisterhood
•    If you are a woman who has marked the menopausal time in her life celebrate it with a moon to remember that you now hold your wisdom inside you and have much to offer others
•    These special pieces can be shared and worn by all women who want to honor the divine essence of themselves and celebrate being a woman.
•    Gift yourself with the magic of a crescent moon and honor the mystery that you hold as a woman!

Don’t forget to check out Nikiah’s blog and jewelry design site for more of her fabulous work!

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