Meet Natalie (alumnus)

Hello everybody, thought I’d introduce myself. I’m Natalie, the one behind the camera in the recent Lunapads videos.

I guess I’ll start from the beginning. I was born in Toronto and grew up in Vancouver. I went to Emily Carr (I’m not a child genius, it’s also the name of a elementary school).

I have known that I wanted to be a filmmaker ever since I understood exactly what filmmaking was. I got a certificate in cinematography from Capilano University (before it was a university) and I took several courses in the part time Professional Editing program at BCIT. I have recently completed my studies in the Broadcast and Communication: Television program at the British Colombia Institute of Technology.

On a personal note, I love rainstorms; I am in awe of the power of Mother Nature. I love books; the way they smell, the way they look, their texture and of course the way they transport you to another world. I would like to live in the library in “Beauty and the Beast”, but Chapters will do. I get into moods, for instance: reading breaks during which I can go through a book a day, TV marathons where I will watch every episode of a show that I can get my hands on (the last one was “The West Wing”) and baking binges which usually come on around 11pm at night.

I really enjoy working with the Lunagals. It’s a wonderful work environment with kick-ass women who are changing the world, 1 Lunapad at a time!

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  • Welcome Natalie. Thanks for bringing your creative and technical skills to the team!