Our biggest Pads4Girls shipment!

Today is an exciting day at Lunapads: we’re sending out our largest Pads4Girls shipment ever!

Pads4Girls is an in-house project where we sell cost-priced daily hygiene kits to customers and non-profit groups to give to women and girls in developing countries. It can be hard to imagine, but lacking something as everyday as panties, pads or tampons is preventing girls in many parts of the world from going to school. Girls can miss up to 20% of their education, which can spiral into earlier dropout, marriage and childbirth, increased chances of maternal mortality, reduced career choices and wages, and a less empowered life overall.

The Kits, which are comprised of modified Lunapanties, Lunapads, Liners, Cloth Wipes and a waterproof fabric carrying purse, are completely washable and reusable and provide a solution for daily as well as menstrual hygiene needs for years.

This shipment of 200 kits  is going to a wonderful group called the Mariposa DR Foundation who is working in communities on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. Almost a year ago, an amazing group of kids from Lakeside School in Seattle volunteered with Mariposa DR and saw first-hand the daily struggles that these girls go through. Inspired to continue making a difference, they then raised over $4,000 to purchase Kits!

As Jessica Lawson, Associate Director of Mariposa DR points out, “You can build schools. You can bring thousands of books and tons of supplies. But it’s not going to change anything unless someone is making sure the girls show up.”

We’re shipping the kits today, and they should arrive in the Dominican Republic in a few weeks. We’ll keep you posted on the next chapter of this story!

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  • Great video! Great Cause! Giving these girls the opportunity to attend school FULL TIME is definitely life changing. Thanks for making a difference in the world. You do it with such grace and humility…

  • Thanks so much for your support, Cathy! Pads4Girls is an incredibly rewarding part of our work at Lunapads that we are really proud of and inspired by.

  • Benelux2000

    I lived in Uganda and Kenya for over 2 years and I have seen the desperate need for options such as these!  I saw the issues of girls trying to make pads out of banana leaves (trust me, I tried and it was GROSS! The leaves are oily and thus the blood gels and slides all over… EWW!) Thank you for caring about others!