The DivaCup vs. tampons!

We often get asked what the difference is between The DivaCup and tampons. As is the case with disposable pads and Lunapads, it really is a bit of an apples and oranges situation, however this video answers some important questions about differences in size and respective amounts of waste generated.

For those of you who might be looking for answers to more health-related questions around dioxin and mystery ingredients in tampons (they’re not written on the box!), please see this article from the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics or this one from the Center for Women & Families, which also gets into details about Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) and the “asbestos in tampons” myth (it is indeed a myth, even we think so). For those of you who might be thinking of TSS as something of the past, please check out You Are Loved, a poignant awareness campaign launched by a Mom who lost her daughter to TSS.

Inspired by this video from Natracare organic tampons, we also decided to do a water glass test to look at the issue of fiber loss, with some disconcerting results (at least in the case of Tampax). Check it out, and don’t forget that May is DivaCup month at Lunapads – they’re 20% off until the end of this month!

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  • anonymous

    Natracare does not use plastic packaging.

  • Great video, Lunagals. I think it’ll be quite convincing for those on the mend about the Diva Cup.

  • Awesome video and explanation! I’m going to share it! 🙂

  • Jennifer

    In the video, one of the unlabelled ingredients in tampons is ‘Fragrance’. Perfumes and ‘Fragrances’ are some of the nastiest chemicals that you can expose your body to. Especially if it’s just labelled ‘Fragrance.’ It means that it’s literally just chemicals. Whereas, if you get a natural sunflower scent it’s not the same. The chemicals they use for ‘Fragrance’ can be cancer-causing, hormonal distrupters and can be made out of petroleum (the stuff that makes gasoline and plastic). They even put this stuff in processed food. Scary. 

    I found this: 

    Rant aside, I do believe people are affected by these chemicals differently, just like smoking. Some people get lung cancer and others don’t that doesn’t mean it’s still not bad for you.

    And nice video! I’m super horrified to find out about tampax because that was the brand I used before switching to the DivaCup.