Pads4Girls Keeping Haitian Girls in School

In January we were contacted by Page Pennell, Director of Haitian Support, an organization that runs a school in Bodarie, Haiti that currently has over 500 students enrolled in grades K-7. 100 of these students are girls of menstruating age who are unable to attend classes during their periods due to lack of supplies.

Thanks to donations from Lunapads customers, Pads4Girls was able to supply Haitian Support with a box of pads to take to the girls at Bodarie School.

Here’s what Page had to say about the distribution:

“I was in Bodarie, Haiti visiting the school this last January and the Lunapads you were kind enough to send are making a bid difference in young ladies lives. It’s just amazing. With Lunapads, these young ladies can stay in school every day of the week and have brighter futures through a good education. Lunapads are making an enormous difference in Haiti and they are safer for the environment!”

Unfortunately we weren’t able to outfit ALL of the girls at Bodarie School in January. Luckily, Page is planning another trip in June and needs your help to bring more pads for the rest of the girls at the school!

To donate pads to Bodarie School visit the ‘Donate’ page on and allocate your donation to Haitian Support. There isn’t much time before Page leaves for Haiti, so be sure to spread the word to your friends, post on Facebook or make a gift donation on someones behalf.

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