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With Madeleine and Suzanne’s trip to Portland this week for the World Domination Summit, travel and adventure are naturally on our minds. We have been meaning to write an updated post about the whats, hows and benefits of traveling with our products (see previous posts here and here), and this seems like a great opportunity to do just that.

Who wants to waste valuable luggage space on boxes of disposable pads and tampons, or risk running out where supplies may not be available? Read on for our top tips for easy, waste-free ways to manage your period while traveling, with bonus video  from Suzanne about how to clean your DivaCup while you’re on the road.

  • Do the Diva! The DivaCup is far and away your best bet in terms of versatility and low hassle factor. It weighs practically nothing, is easy to clean and transport and is virtually zero waste. Very popular with Peace Corps volunteers. Added bonus: it’s amazing for sports, swimming and hiking!
  • P in Style. Don’t like having to hover over not-so-sparkling facilities? Get your groove on with the pStyle: it’s light, easy to clean and transport, plus comes in tons of fun colors!
  • Take it on the road. We offer a great variety of ways to transport your supplies, from Travel Pouches to our best-selling Moon Pad Bags.
  • You can’t have too many Mesh Bags! Typically used to separate Lunapads from other laundry, mesh bags are also great for holding socks and undies, shoes or not-so-clean laundry when traveling. LOVE these.
  • Wysi-Wipes. With the addition of a few drops of water, these tiny, weightless, biodegradable wipes are incredible for cleaning practically anything, including your DivaCup and pStyle.
  • Peri bottle. A small, lightweight plastic bottle that is a super handy tool for cleaning your DivaCup or washing your hands.
  • Organic Cotton Hankies. Admittedly I am an everyday addict of these products, but they also have a well-deserved place on the travel necessities list. I love how they replace disposable facial tissue and paper towels, and are the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen to blow your nose or wipe away a tear.

Who has travel period stories or tips? Share yours for a chance to win a Travel Kit including a Peri Bottle, Wysi Wipes and Travel Pouch.  The winner’s name will be drawn Tuesday. Good luck, everyone!

This contest is now closed.
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  • Kim

    I’m a petite plus sized woman so many stalls are uncomfortably narrow yet the handicap toilets tend to be too high. However, I found that emptying my Diva Cup was no more messy or difficult than changing a tampon and my flow for the first two to three days (sometimes longer) is so heavy that I need to empty my cup every 30-60 minutes. The best thing about the cup is that after a few months of using it I learned to feel when it needed to be changed BEFORE an accident could occur and that is something I was NEVER able to tell with a Super Plus or Ultra tampon. I could only tell when an accident had occurred but not when it was getting dangerously close. Love, love, love my Diva Cup!!!


  • Julie

    One thing I can say is that I wish I had a pStyle back when I was in the mmilitary. I think all women who serve should have one…and also a peri bottle, for rinsing.

    Speaking of peri bottle, it’s great to have with a Diva cup. If ever there is a need to empty in public facilities, fill up your bottle at the sink and take into the stall. Use to rinse your cup and yourself if needed.

  • Jen Jaynes

    I should really get a peri bottle. My Diva cup and lunagals pads have come with me for weeks of camping over the years, plus trips to Germany and Morocco- it’s like my period targets times when I’ll be away from home! My pads have hung to dry in the hotel showers of 3 countries :).

  • Cristen

    I am in LOVE with the Wysi-Wipes!! They are so convenient to just leave in your bag or pocket and run under water on your way into the stall. Really a lifesaver, they unfold to be big enough to wipe my Diva cup and my fingers! :o) I wish I came up with this idea…

  • Devon H

    I love my Lunette menstrual cup, but I still keep cloth pads on hand – sometimes you just feel a bit safer and/or fresher with a cloth pantiliner. Oftentimes my period surprises me while I’m out, and instead of keeping a bunch of “in case” tampons or disposable pantiliners on hand, I keep an extra cloth pantiliner ready at a moments notice in my makeup bag in my purse. I keep it separate from my stash, so I always have that backup with me. If I need it and have to use it, as soon as it’s clean and dry it goes back in the bag 🙂

  • Candace

    I just ordered my diva cup and Lunapads. I should have kept my peri bottle from when I had my kids 🙁 My story is about NOT having a diva cup and all the embarrassing leaks as a kid.(especially with white pants 😮 I wish I would have had one and you can bet I will prevent my daughter from ‘messes’ with her own diva cup!

  • koolchicken

    I have a crazy heavy flow so I used to have to take half the drugstore with me when I traveled. Now all I have to have is my Diva cup! I still need at least a liner but I always wear those anyways so it’s not like it’s extra to pack. And on month I know I’ll need pads as well all I need to pack is 3 pads and 6 or so liners so I always have fresh ones while the others are drying (blow dryers or irons are great for speeding this process up in a pinch). 🙂

    I just wish I had all of these things years ago. I’m still cursing all those disposables for taking up valuable real estate in my handbag and suitcase.

  • I just use the Diva Cup when traveling because it is nearly hassle-free and about as easy as it gets. I’ll wear a backup pad too (ridiculously heavy-flow dictates a pad rather than a liner), but I try to minimize travel laundry when I return home so I generally avoid being away from home for more than a few days when I’m flowing full-force. We’re generally stay in a hotel so it’s easy enough to empty & clean at our room and my love of naps usually means I’m back at the room after lunchtime for at least one extra empty & clean. If I have to empty while out, I just empty and don’t worry about washing it prior to reinsertion. I haven’t been camping in years, but I fail to see why using a Cup would be considered more gross (or less socially acceptable) than tampons so I’d feel comfortable using my Cup even if I was out “roughin’ it.”

  • Sonja

    Thank for the great tips. I have always had a heavy flow and had to stay home a couple of days of the month. The Divacup gave me back my life. One thing I always carry with me when camping or traveling is soap leaves. They are great when you end up in a bathroom without soap.

  • Tanya

    No travel advice, but I remember when I was 13 or so I got my period at summer camp. At the time my mom wouldn’t let me use tampons, so all I had was pads. Fortunately my camp councilor had extra tampons and showed me how to use them, so I was still able to go swimming!

  • Tereza

    I’ve just started using a Diva Cup, and for the next time I end up in a public restroom, I’m making sure to slip a plastic Easter egg with a moistened cloth or wash cloth in my cloth pad wet bag. The plastic eggs usually are sealed tight and sturdy enough to be kicked around a bit in my purse, and it’s worked okay with messy/sticky packed lunches and bento box meals.

  • Valerie

    I’m currently on an archaeological excavation abroad… with my Divacup and Lunapads. Digging 8 hours in the woods, I’m so much more comfortable than I would be with disposables. I don’t have to worry about disposing wrappers and applicators in either the great outdoors, or in the dustbins of our eco-friendly hostel. While everyday I keep hoping that we find some garbage that the bronze age inhabitants of Germany left behind, I don’t think future archaeologists will feel the same way about our own waste.
    My advice for travelers:
    If you haven’t made the switch to reusables, or you’ve lost a suitcase (like I did at first) you might want to learn how to ask for tampons or pads in the language of wherever you’re traveling.
    Have hand sanitizer for when you’re changing pads/divacup in rugged conditions.

  • Great Video Suzanee!

  • Eva M.

    I am 27 years old, have a nutrition degree, and love the outdoors. I’ve switched from using tampons to Lunapads in 2009. I feel silly saying this, but I am proud of myself because I finally figured out the Diva cup. There is a little bit of a learning curve, but with patience and determination, it is WELL worth it.

    Now that summer is just about here, I have found the Divacup with a Lunapads pantyliner to be the perfect combination. I don’t have to worry about changing a pad or tampon because I just pop in my Divacup and a cheerfully-patterned pantyliner. When I’m backpacking I’m not stuck with packing a bunch of plastic disposables, when I’m swimming I don’t worry that the tampon is soaking up swimming pool water, and biking and running is soooo much easier now.

    I used to cringe every time I had to remove a tampon that was still partly dry, and plasticy pads always smelled unpleasant. Since the Divacup is made of silicone, it slips in smoothly, and is still smooth when removed. Lunapads soft fabric against my skin feel like I’m just wearing clothing, and the fabric breathes, unlike plastic, so there is no odor.

    Three words to describe how I feel about lunapads and the divacup: freedom, convenience, and happiness. Now, I can’t wait for my period to start, and wish it didn’t end so soon. Now with the Travel Kit, I’d be set to go anywhere, anytime, with anyone. : )

    Thanks Lunapads, I have been enlightened.

  • R

    I always plan my birth control pills around the time I will be traveling so I don’t have to deal with my period. If I came across a time where I would have to travel though, I would surely bring along my trusty diva cup and newly purchased peri bottle! Those wipes seem very handy as well.

    Side note: I purchased the size 2 diva cup recently as my (well-loved) 6-year old size 1 cup always had some degree of leakage issues, and no more leakage! I am almost 25 and no kids, but the small size difference between the cups seems to have really helped me!

  • Cher

    I switched to a Diva Cup just over a year ago and I regret that I didn’t do it sooner. Everything is so much easier and better. No more spending a mint on tampons every month, easy clean up, easy storage. Also I noticed a huge reduction in cramps (almost none now) and my period doesn’t last very long at all now. That is the greatest thing of all.

  • Melody Pollock

    I live in Colorado and the drive to anywhere is quite long due to the mountains, I had my moon pad bag in my car,(always one in there just in case)but I had forgotten my Peri bottle luckily I am a cloth diaper mama also so I used my sons baby bits spray to clean up when my period decided to surprise me on a 6 hour drive to my in laws.

  • Brigitte Malloy

    When I travel I use my DivaCup and my reusable pads. I have a daughter in cloth diapers so everthing goes into the same wetbags. I always travel with 2 wet bags – one for cleans and one for dirty and everything get washed together. I use washing facilities when I can find them and simply hang them to dry in the shower of our room. If I get deperate, then I hand wash, which really isn’t that big of a deal (every once in a while).
    The travel kit would make this even easier for me – since she’ll be potty trained soon and I’ll still need my cloth stash 🙂
    Thanks Lunapads.

  • I’m a huge fan of the Lunapanties for travel! They are great out and about when my period is about to start, make excellent Diva Cup backup, and combined with a long wing liner or two are perfect for overnight (I don’t find the Diva Cup does well overnight for me). I really like the idea about traveling with a peri bottle. I have also been known to pack a Luna Blanket in my suitcase – it helps me not to worry on hotel beds.

  • Amanda Herman

    I have only used my diva cup and cloth pads for 2 cycles so I don’t have any travel tips but I did use my diva cup swimming the first cycle I used it and it was so great! I am so excited to use it this summer instead of having to deal with tampons!!!!!!! Thanks for this great post 🙂

  • Rebecca

    My advice for traveling with the divacup and lunapads is MiniWetBags-esp. wet/dry bags. ! I have a bunch. I keep clean pads on one side and move them to the other when they are dirty. Same with premoistened or dry cloth wipes. The diva cup can either get washed and reused or thrown right into the “dirty side” until I cam wash it properly.

  • Cathy

    Mostly I’ve been lucky and not traveling during my period, but what I love about only using the Diva Cup and Lunapads is that they are easily washable while on the go. Having a special *kit* would be awesome, though!!

  • Esullins

    I’m just experiencing my first postpartum period and it is MUCH heavier than ever before! I’d be lost without my Diva cup and Lunapads – in fact, I was lost without them two days ago. We traveled to a family member’s funeral and my cycle restarted there, an hour from home, no supplies on hand. Just a few hours of making do with drugstore disposables cemented my love for Luna! Thanks for the great products. I’m a lifelong evangelist and have converted at least a dozen women so far.

  • I have a funny little story I’ll add for you! When I was 10 or so, I went to a summer Girl Guide camp. Now, I didn’t get my period until I was 14, but I was aware of the basics. I had this cute little cabin mate who told us all in hushed voices that her mom had sent tamps (gasp!) and she supposed it was in case she got her first period. For some reason I didn’t believe her, and so she pulled one to show me. It was an alcohol swab, with TAMPON (French) printed across one side! I didn’t fill her in. I hope she figured it out eventually!

  • Cathy S

    While blissfully enjoying breastfeeding my firstborn and all of perks ebf brings (no periods) my monthly flow surprised me by showing up at a most inappropriate time. I am presently breastfeeding my fifth child, and am fully armed for a surprise visit with a tiny little silicone cup in the cute little bag it came in. My DivaCup is hidden in a zippered pocket in my diaper bag!

  • Lisanne

    I really need to get myself a diva cup! I use cloth pads for now and when I travel I take a small wetbag along. The cup sounds so much easier.

  • Eenolannolan

    travel is why i started using re-usable menstrual supplies! i had a three week bike tour planned and was scheduled to have my period for the middle week!! so i did some quick online research about what other long distance bike touring women did and one woman who is cycling around the world talked about the Diva Cup so I investigated online and found Luna Pads so I ordred a Diva Cup and one pad just to see if it would work… that was three years ago and I’m so hooked! I have a crazy irregular period and never know whats coming so when i was using disposables I found them taking up a LOT of space in my bags, Diva Cup and Luna Pads all fit in one small bag and its always enough for my whole cycle!! I am shy and introverted but am so happy with all your products that i am constantly talking to my friends about my period and have converted at least two people and possibly more! I Heart Luna Pads and the Diva Cup! i also now pack two diva cups on long camping/biking trips just in case one gets lost or damaged!!!! Thank you for making my period so much better!!!

  • Seriously, so helpful!