Avigayil: Stranded on a Tropical Island With a DivaCup

Struggling to learn how to use the DivaCup? Hang in there and keep trying. Its all perfectly normal! In the mean time, read how our guest blogger Avigayil finally got past this eco-positive learning curve.

So I wasn’t exactly stranded, but New Zealand is certainly an island (two islands, to be exact) and it is very tropical. I was there for my belated honeymoon, nearly a year in the waiting. I am a new wife, a full time student, part time writer for The Bargain Moose, and a part time caregiver for an adult lady in a wheelchair. This trip was well deserved!

While in the packing stages of the trip I knew that from counting my birth control pills, my period would come smack dab in the middle of my honeymoon. We were going to be staying in little vacation houses and I had no idea as to access to laundry facilities so I decided to forgo the usual LunaUndies and Pads: instead opting to throw the Divacup into my bag.

The DivaCup and I have had an unkind history: I wanted to love it and it hated me. It popped open before I insert, it hurt going in, and it hurt coming out. Lets just say I ignored my past history when I made my ‘crash course in using a Divacup’ decision. I was determined to learn how to use it. VERY determined. At home I could cheat and if it hurt, switch over to the pads: but not this time… I was stranded!

2 weeks into my honeymoon and my period comes. I grab the Diva Cup, and inform my husband I will be doing some girly stuff in the bathroom, and it might take a while. I use warm water to make it more palatable to my vagina, try both types of folds… attempt insertion in various positions and finally: success! It is in. Not sure if it is in right, but by golly it is in!

The great thing is it worked perfectly well, no leakage, nothing. That night I dreaded taking it out… somehow I never manage to break the seal properly and with a loud pop and a shock of pain it will pop out. I also tend to loose hold of it at least 5 times, and jab my tender parts as well.

So I experiment: I push it far enough out that the little stem is out, and I dry it off with tissue to reduce slippage before trying to pull it out. I also learn one really cool trick over the next few days: when removing I now rotate the cup about 90 degrees as it is coming out and it hurts a lot less.

For my entire period I used the Diva Cup: and never was there a leak (yay!). In the end I am really happy I decided to strand myself with the Diva Cup, as there were no laundry facilities near where we were (scary). Just thinking of bloody pads nestled in a Moon Pad Bag for a couple weeks curls my stomach!

So for anyone having trouble with their Diva Cup: take hope! I was an impossible case. All it takes is a little determination, a lot of necessity, and eliminating the alternatives!

~ Avigayil Morris

Here! Here! For more tips on how to use The DivaCup check out our DivaCup FAQ.

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