Back to School with Lunapads Washable Cloth Menstrual Pads

Back to School Giveaway!

Back to School with Lunapads Washable Cloth Menstrual Pads

It’s that time of year again and we’ve had a few inquiries from Lunagals heading off to University. Dealing with the challenge of leaving a familiar home setting and loved ones is tough and potentially sharing an intimate environment with other young women who may or may not have jumped on the reusable menstrual product bandwagon can be downright intimidating.

Solution? Lunapads giveaway to the rescue!


When sharing washrooms and laundry facilities with a dormitory of university students you are bound to run into somebody during ‘that time of the month’. Questions arise such as “How will I wash my Lunapads?” & “How do I clean my DivaCup after my cycle when I don’t have a stove to boil water?”

Here are some tips for laundering your cloth pads and menstrual cups in shared spaces:

Rinse your Lunapads and Liners in the shower and grab one of our soaking bags where you can store everything out of sight. A laundry bag works too. Pop into your laundry as usual, no big deal, right?

Washing your DivaCup between cycles: Got a kettle? Soaking your DivaCup in boiling water for 5-10 minutes works great (more info here) and you can make yourself a cuppa herbal tea at the same time! When changing your cup, grab a Peri Bottle to keep with your toiletries bag in your communal washroom for rinsing off in the stall or some Wysi wipes for on the go and between classes.

Our hope is that you will educate and inspire women who may still relate to their periods with the Eww Factor with your own Luna Revolution. Remembering that if they respond negatively to your positive period perspective, they perceive their own monthly cycle that way and no one has ever shown them a different way.

To celebrate back to school and how grateful we are for the education accessible to us in the first world as women, we are giving away a Lunapads back to school pack including a Laundry bag, Travel Pouch, Peri Bottle and Wysi Wipes. Leave a comment with why you need this to win!

The LunaGals

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  • KA

    I first tried the DivaCup my first year of college, when I finally lived close enough to a store that sold them!  It changed how I viewed my periods completely, and several of my friends have since made the switch.  This summer, I started trying out cloth pads.  They’re absolutely fantastic, and I don’t think I’ll ever want to switch back, especially with so many menstruating years ahead of me! Now that I’m going back to school for my senior year, I know that it’s going to be a bit harder to deal with cleaning and traveling with cloth (at least, compared to throwing away disposables–but NOT contributing lots of plastic to landfills is a huge plus!).  At the same time, I’m looking forward to spreading the word to all of my friends! I go to a women’s college, and reusable menstrual products are something every woman should know about!

  • Restoller

    I actually learned about Lunapads and the DivaCup for the first time at college. I had seen them on a blog online, and then gone to a small presentation about reusable menstrual products. I was able to purchase my DivaCup for only $5 and got two free Lunapads pantiliners as a bonus. I absolutey love my Lunaliners, they are super cute and make me feel so mug better than I had when wearing disposables. I am still slowly transitioning to the DivaCup. I would love the giveaway package because it would allow me to care for my reusable products much easier in a dorm situation. Living in a dorm can be hard at times, and not having to worry so much about cleaning my products would be great!!

  • My baby girl is due this week and I’ve brought some cloth pads for postpartum. Never tried the Luna brand and am itching to. The back to school pack seems like a great travel must have.

  • JenniferG

    I currently use the DivaCup but would love, love, love to try cloth pads….and the travel pack would make it a breeze in residence at school!

  • Megan

    I Use the Diva cup and LOVE it… I have been slowly trying different brands of cloth liners and pads  and would love to try Luna Pads.

  • Melissa

    I have been using Lunapads products for 3 years and love them! I am always on the go with work or travelling around for fun – so the give-a-way would benefit me greatly!

  • Taylor

    I have just started using Lunapads and also some other brands…but lunapads is best by far. I started using them during summer, now, school just started two days ago, and a travel pouch would look adorable! I also use the DivaCup, wyso wipes and the peri bottle would be totally convenient for easy cleanising in the bathroom stalls at high school. A laundry bag would also be great for hanging my reusables after they’ve been rinsed until Ican get tthe chance to wash them. Also if there aregoing to be lunapads in the pack, there’s nothing wrong with adding more to the collection!

  • I just graduated from college, but I’ve been a loyal Luna-fan for the last three and a half years!  I only wish I’d known about cloth pads when I was going off to university.  My essentials for using cloth pads in a dorm environment were the laundry bag, where I’d store my pads until I did laundry (or until the bag was too full, because we all know college students procrastinate on laundry), and a different version of the travel bag, one small enough to fit in my pocket.  I think the Peri Bottle and Wysi Wipes would have made using a cup in a shared bathroom a lot easier, too!  Anyway, I’d like to win because I’m looking ahead to graduate school and could really use it!  Thanks for running this giveaway!

  • Emma

    My sister just left for college and the only thing she has is a peri bottle and a diva cup.If i won i would give her the wysi wipes and use the travel bag to take to school with my lunapads.I could use the peri for laundry and the laundry bag as well.

  • Emma

    My sister just left for college and the only thing she has is a peri bottle and a diva cup.If i won i would give her the wysi wipes and use the travel bag to take to school with my lunapads.I could use the peri for laundry and the laundry bag as well.

  • Melissa Hussell

    I’d love to win this for my niece. She is in college and when I first told her about your awesome pads, she was worried about other’s seeing her “messes”. i think this would make a great gift for her!

  • Benelux2000

    I am in a graduate program.  But going from work to school is quite tedious.  We never have time to do much of anything, work school work school… It seems there’s never a toilet when you need one or it’s just that inconvenient.  When I was in college, I didn’t know anything about washable pads, but I think it would be a great investment for all dorm girls!  There’s really no privacy and it’s also way more embarrassing to throw away your bloody pad or tampon (my school didn’t have bins in the bathroom, so you had to walk out in the hallway with your products YUCK!  Washing them and neatly putting them in my travel bag or other pouch would have greatly stopped the embarrassment!  Thank God guys weren’t allowed on the girls floors or it would have been way worse!

    • Benelux2000

      Oops I forgot to say if I win I would actually give them to my step sis who actually just started her period and she is all over my pads and I’m ordering her own set when she reaches 13 in Nov!

  • Mindais

    I’m out alot, whether at my kids practices or games, school fuctions, or just up at the school in general. I NEED this!! Plus the laundry bag would come in major handy:)

    • Mindais

      Also, thanks for the info. Its always nice to know different ways to clean the stuff up while away from home.

  • Franclou

    I would like to win because I still get periods, and I am new to this whole process (of Lunapads and their excessories).

  • I would adore winning this set because what girl doesn’t love all of the essentials for a LunaRevolution on the go?

  • Nichole

    Lunapads back to school pack would be fantastic for me because living with so many girls in your personal space is harder than you may think!

  • Shannon Alexander

    I need to win this because I have never tried any of these items before and I want oo.
    shannonsweep at gmail dot com

  • Nikki M

    I found out this summer as I carried plastic ziplock bags with me that keeping my lunapads clean is difficult when you don’t have access to your own personal bathroom! When I spent two weeks with a classmate as a guest in her families house, it became majorly awkward! I tried to keep my lunapads discreetly out of site, especially the used ones, but it was a huge challenge! 

  • Heidi Lehnig

    It’s football season,  taking kids to practice, games, work, school, driving….  all this means lots of opportunities to use communal bathrooms  –  Having the right supplies is a must !

  • Catherine Grace

    Being environmentally conscious, Luna
    pad’s is a dream come true. Before I found this site, I considered making my
    own pads. People don’t realize how much they pollute the Earth on a day to day
    basis – and our natural cycle deserves a natural solution. In this way, for me,
    using Luna Pads would be contributing to an environmental revolution.

    Similarly, my period connects me to
    nature – but when I use disposable pads I feel disconnected. What women don’t
    realize is that menstruation reunites us with Mother Earth. Not only does it
    ground us and humble us to the forces of nature, but it empowers us because it
    reminds us of our creative potential. If only more women can embrace their
    periods – they would awaken the true Goddess within. In this sense, Luna pads
    is a spiritual revolution for me – when I buy disposable pads I feel guilty. I
    feel guilty because I know that I am polluting Mother Earth, filling her sacred
    womb with plastics and synthetic non-biodegradable materials.  Instead of connecting with her during the
    pinnacle of my feminine spirituality, I feel cut-off from her. Likewise, living
    in the modern world can be overwhelming if you are a woman. Menstruation is
    seen as a curse for many, something that needs to be “controlled” or “treated.”
    For me, however, it liberates. It reminds me that I am a woman, a Goddess, an
    instrument of Creation –  and by using
    Luna Pads, I’d be taking that next essential step to freedom.

    Furthermore, I am entering first
    year at University – and receiving Luna Pads would be beneficial to my budget.
    At the end of the day, however – I don’t care who wins! We are all women and I’d
    be happy that at least one more person is making a valuable difference! God
    bless Madeleine & Suzanne! <3

  • Anonymous

    As a LunaMum always on the go, this pack would be handy to make juggling it all just a bit easier. Thanks!

  • Sam T

    I need this because I’m at school for seven hours a day where I use public restrooms 5 or 6 times a day on my period… :/

  • Marya fragmentaryo’green

    I need this because I have menorrhagia-and school, and work-study, and a full time job, and four roommates to contend with. The right supplies help so much.

  • Penny

    I don’t want it for me but my sister! She is a senior in high school at Sphs and will be going away to college in Texas next year. Pops thinks reusables are unnecessary (?) but she likes them. I want to get her some but don’t have enough $ after buying my own stash (at least not yet…) but anything would help and I think it would open her friends eyes as well (plus she is friends with a lot of foreign exchange studens- so maybe it would open their eyes, too…)

  • Tara E

    i would love to win this!  i just got a diva cup, so the wipes, peri bottle, and travel pouch would be perfect to help me get into using it.  also, the laundry bag would be great since i don’t have one yet.  thanks!

  • Helen

    I use another brand of menstrual cup and I would love to have this back to school package to travel with my cup ever more conveniently. I am heading off to uni this year and this would be great to have.

  • Tannis

    I would LOVE to win this, because I’m getting started with using cloth pads, and would love to get a diva cup someday too. This would be great for someone getting started on their stash! Thanks for the great giveaway! :)

  • Diana

    I would love to win this! I use the diva cup regularly and everything else here would make for the perfect package. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  • Dawm

    I’ve got my first luna liner and just tried a diva cup for the first time – need some practice with it but I’m optimistic!  These accessories would be awesome to win!

  • Cristen

    I’ve been using the diva cup and lunapads for awhile now and lately I’ve had my eye on the wysi wipes and the travel pouch.  They would make cleaning so much easier in a public bathroom, especially with the peri bottle!  Thanks for the giveaway :)

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  • Sara

    Congratulations to Benelux2000 on winning the Back to School Giveaway! Thank you all for participating and for being such incredible women in your schools and the world! You all rock! Happy Back to School! xoxo

  • Akorn

    Thanks for these tips! I’m unable to make the switch at this, but I was really curious how I would. It’s my last semester now, but at least my questions are answered :)

  • Sometimes your period can be your worst enemy… I’ve just got a book about this topic…

    Just when you thought that women on earth had it bad!

    I find myself inspired by the little things: a fresh sheet of paper  does me wonders. But what really intrigues me is nature. Have you ever just stopped and listened? I mean really listen and looked at your surroundings! There is inspiration all around us. The freshly cut blades of grass,  the weary smells, airplanes, the wind, moon, and stars.  My inspiration is life and just having the ability to geer my mind to whatever ends I desire.

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